suckers for bait

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  1. anyone know spot to catch suckers for catfish bait. somewhere within 30 mins drive of freeburg
  2. hsiftac

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    I'm a bit north of you but around here you can generally find them in any creek or stream with a decent hole. I just look for a creek or stream with some water from 2-4 ft deep and toss in a red worm and I usually come out with either a sucker or a chub.
    Good Luck, they do make great bait

  3. jhill10

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    ya. any creek 3 to 4 foot deep will work. bigger creeks usually hold bigger minnows. i usually just put n a minnow trap ( you can get em at walmart for 7 or 8 dollars) and throw a slice of bread or two. and come back n a hour and itll b full. most of the time. youll get sum crawdaddys too.. and several other species of fish. some iv never ever seen before. but only use the minnows for bait. n they work excellent
  4. i made my own minnow trap from 3 2 leaters