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  1. Im going to be renting a cabin in a couple of weeks. There are 2 stocked trout ponds there we can fish in for free. Anybody got any tips for catching trout from a pond? The last time I pond fished was probably 15 years ago and it was a Cat/Bream pond on a farm.
    I plan to throw a few flies and also use crickets if live bait is allowed. Ive got a fly rod and also spinning and baitcasters. It's catch and release but I don't eat fish anyway so I don't really care.
  2. all of the power bait for trout works as well as salmon eggs and little inline spinners, corn and even chicken livers believe are not. good luck to bad its catch and release trout almost taste as good as catfish.

  3. small spinners, worms, trout powerbait, crickets, native fly hatch flies, all work. stocked pond trout are normally easier to catch than in the streams.
  4. If you are using powerbait it is next to dfificult to relase the trout sucessfully alive. I would use barbless hooks in those situations and use inflated nightcrawlers on light line. Also kastmasters and roostertails works wonders but sometimes if the fish gets the treble down in their mouths it can damage them for release. I have had great sucess with just mini jigs as it is a single hook and I have caught many trout on it jigging as if i was fishing for crappie. Add a mealworm on the end on the mini jig and that makes it even better. Also easier to release trout when using mini jigs.
  5. Thanks very much for all the tips guys.
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    Bait fishing and catch and release dont mix! I highly recomend some beadhead nymphs. You can work em slow n deep which is gonna be your best bet for summer time trout in ponds.
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    A god assortment of flies and spinner baits should do the trick. It has been mentioned, but corn has worked very well for me in stocked ponds.
  8. Speaking of corn. I took my little boy (4 at the time) fishing in a creek once. We were using corn for bait, I turned around to tell him something and he was eating my bait! He is 10 now and I still try to get him to eat the bait but he don't seem to want to try nightcrawlers:smile2:
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    When I was twelve fishing for trout that is the reason we brought two cans, one to eat and one to fish with, childhood memories at their best.
  10. One thing about using corn for trout is that they can not digest it as easily as other fish. I have caught trout woth corn in their stomachs from people chumming and it is a testiment to them eating it. But have also seen floating trout as well. One private lake near me stated that a lot of the ones turned up a few years ago was due to chumming corn. Probobaly not the best thing to use for catch and release.
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    iv only trout fished a couple times in a 90 acre warm water lake at a state park
    worms worked best and powerbait worked good as well
    fished close to bottom
  12. I fished a stocked trout pond on my way back from kansas in the mountain area of NC. I used fish eggs (bait provided) and I caught a 4 pound rainbow and 2 rainbows around a couple of pounds. I weighed the big rainbow to make sure. I want to catch trout in a stream sometime, they are gorgeous to look at.