Starcraft Boats are they any good?

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  1. Anybody have any experience with Starcraft Boats. I found one at a local marina I kinda like, but not sure if they are quality boats.

    I would really like to get a Tracker, because of the "no haggle" pricing and the welded hull, but the marina that sells them is way too far away. I don't want to have to drive a million miles for service.

    Anyhow...back to Starcraft...are they worth the money?
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    I have a 1965 18 1/2 Starcraft Alum boat with a 110 hp Merc Sterndrive on it. It is still running strong 31 years later. I have several other boats but unless I'm taking a crowd I do not take one of my pontoon boats. I take the Starcraft. Several members of a fishing club I belong to have them as well. And we all like them. I have not had a leak in mine in 31 years. A quality boat and one one leading brands in boats.
    Hope that helps. What size and motor and what price is he asking ?

  3. I didn't get into pricing...boat just came in and I did not have the patience to engage the salesman in pricing. It was a D star 16 foot tiller (deluxe) with a 25 horse Merc. four stroke. They also said they are getting some of the console models in. I have the option to upgrade to a 40 hp., which I might do depending on price. Gonna use the boat for general fishing, me, wife and two small kids.

    Thanks for the help.
  4. There's gotta be more people with info on this, good or bad. Anybody got any more help on this one?
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    same as above I have a starcraft 18 ft deep V ab it is also over 40 yrs old, no leaks and still looks good I like mine
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    I liked the one I had had a tiller job years back never gave me any issues.
  7. Thanks for the additional help guys.
  8. I ran a starcraft for many years in the santee swamps ,i had it beat up so bad the scrap yard didnt want it. but they took it anyway. It never gave any trouble at all. never a leak, and i used for14 years. (ps) broke a lot of props. I think there real good boats..............:thumbsup: ..................
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    starcraft is a good boat its gonna cost more than the tracker models,tracker is a lower cost boat there still good but they are built for price not quility

    but like i always say any boat is worth it if the price is right and YOU like it plus it beats floating around on a log no matter what brand of boat you get
  10. Dave,

    I have had a Star Craft boat since 1969, I still have it. I have never had any trouble with mine, no leaking hulls, no problems at all. I have had Skeeters, Nitros, and Bass trackers bass boats, all which had some kind of problem or another ( typical ). I have remodeled mine this last year, placed a floor, carpet, a deck and a larger motor. I highly recommend Star Craft, mine is only a 14 footer , but it handled the big waves better than my Bass boats, I would venture out in the rough water in this and not worry at all compared to my bass boats. This is my opinion, the decision is up to you as to what you seek in a boat.
  11. My cousin has a 16ft starcraft with a 40hp 2cycle . ican't remmber when he got years aago but it is a real good boat. we are going to remodle ti this year. and use my 16 smokercraft. ilike his better. good luck.
  12. Starcrafts are like tanks. Buy it if you can get a good deal. They handle rough water good and are good big water boats as well. I would so buy one, but I need another boat like I need a hole in my head.
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    I good friend of mine had one and sold it and has missed it everday sence.I hope to own one sooner then latter. Just my .2 worth tho
  14. I have a 79 that I bought off the original owner and it came as a package deal. The only problem I have is the trailer is not great, but the boat and motor are excellent. Vern
  15. i have owned a starcraft for about 10 years. there is nothing wrong with a starcraft. i would buy a starcraft anyday over a tracker. i see too many broke welds on trackers. starcraft has been around a long time. just my opinion.
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    I've got an alliminum 1986 19' Starcraft center console deep V and it has been awesome.
    I've had on small impoundment lakes (2,000 acres), medium and large rivers and even in the rough water of Lake Michigan. I'm heading to Lake Erie in 2 weeks for a 4 day trip. The boat handles all conditions very well and cuts the waves great. No Leaks and still looks like a newer boat. My grandfather also had 2 different center console Starcrafts in the 70's and 80's down in Florida that he ran in the ocean - a small 19 footer, then a 22 footer. he said he beat the he** out of both of them against the waves and they never had any problems. He sold them both in good working condition.

    I'd take a Starcraft any day over a Tracker boat.
  17. Thanks again for all the input...will help my decision a lot