Smith Mtn Lake Striper Report

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  1. The Past two weeks, the stripers on Smith Mtn lake. Have really been showing themselves. Most evening and some Morning they will bust from 5-dark. Blowing up on bait in small schools to i've seen a school as big as an acre it seems. Casting any imitation minnow lure to them will work. But its hard to beat a 1/2ounce jig head with a Zoom Fluke body in White, white ice and Albino. Casting near or into the busting fish, then immedently start hopping it back to you. I've been casting the Swamp Monkey lure, which is a rubber skirted bucktail with a fluke body. Bucktails and swimbait will work aswell. Also plugs such as Redfin, thundersticks, xraps etc etc.. The busting can take place anywere from shallow water to deep water, back of coves to the main lake. If theres alot of bait in the area, chances are the fish are close aswell.

    I havent done much bait fishing for stripers, but i do know its working. Both baits of gizzard shad and alewives. Pulled on downlines 15-25ft aswell as Planer Boards and Floats. I would rig my planers and floats with atleast 10-25ft of freeline behind the planer or float. Also on some, not on all. It wouldnt hurt to attach a 3/8ounce rubbercore just above the leader line, expecially with alewives...

    I have been catching several stripers at night while targeting Flatheads. on Live and cut Gizzard shad. I'm fishing in water 10-25ft deep. and placing baits at all depths.

    Most of the stripers have been averaging 8-16lbs, with most 10-12lbers. The bite is only gona get better.. Heres a few pics...

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  2. Large Gizzard shad have ben a pain to catch, but the Offspring from this yard are NUMEROUS! so next 1-3 years should be good at catching large shad. The Winter Kill of Threadfins really helped and i'm glad to have seen those pesky things go!