Skin or no skin - Should you remove the skin off a catfish?

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  1. j.smfp

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    My freind and I are arguing over it. Should you take the skin off the catfish or not. I have always striped it off I thought you where sopposed to. Any thoughts?
  2. ldw45

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    Jeff, I assume you are meaning skinning them to eat the catfish. I say definitely. In fact I prefer to filet them & remove the skin. Split the filet by taking out that mud streak down the middle. Makes them so much better eating.

  3. I never skin them. Me and my Cuz(Lanceco) just use an electric fillet knife and do them just like any fish. He can get plenty of meat off a 3-5lb channel cat in just a minute or two. They taste great that way!!!:wink::big_smile:
  4. SkipEye

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    Yes John but surely you mean that you take the skin off the fillet, right?

    I don't know anyone who would eat catfish skin.:crazy: Never even heard of anyone leaving the skin on.:crazy::crazy::crazy: Yucko!!!
  5. ewwwwww yuck, is the first thing thats going to come out of your mouth closely followed by once chewed catfish if you leave the skin on. Might as well fillet a football and fryer up LOL. I always take off the skin.

    BLKCLOUD New Member

    I actually saw a fishing show the other day where they filleted the cats and left the skin on..grilled it skin side down and never turned it..I have been wondering about it myself..
  7. i have eaten cats that weren't skinned...crisp up the skin and it's ok.
    kinda like leaving skin on fryed chicken.
  8. The only person i ever seen eat a catfish with the skin on was a vietnamese and all he done was take out the guts then throw it in a pot head and all and make fish soup:eek:oooh:, looked nasty to me but he seemed to like it:smile2:.
  9. LMAO! Yep,I cut the fillet off the skin. What I mean is I/we don't skin the whole cat first like some do. Don't think the skin would be too tasty...:confused2::smile2:
  10. It never ceases to amaze me, the new things I learn on this board. I would have bet money that no one has ever deliberately eaten catfish skin, at least not twice. That's right up there with the tale a co-worker told me about her grandfather eating fried gizzard shad.
  11. SkipEye

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    I guess Phil will eat ANYTHING!!!!:crazy:

    Phil, don't make me barf when we go fishing here pretty soon. Maybe I'll just bring the snacks. LMAO:eek:oooh::eek:oooh::eek:oooh:
  12. All right already, the skin don't taste bad.....I've eaten it fried on the fish.... and Bar-B-Que'd them on the half shell just another piece of vittle's.....

    But I gotta admit just outta habit I usually skin my fillet's...........
  13. I think it really depends on how you are planning on cooking them. My dad never used to skin the smaller cats and after cooking, the skin pulled right off them. He never skinned a bullhead, he would eat the skin and all, I didn't find it all that appealing so I would just scrape the skin off with my fork, and pile it up with the bones. He always skinned the bigger cats, I think the skin was just to tough on them. Being older now and remembering I didn't like the skin as a kid, we skin them all. We generally fry our fish, but if you plan to bake it or cook it on an open fire outside of tinfoil, leaving the skin on keeps the meat together better, then just peal it off when you are ready to eat it.
  14. oops one thing I wanted to add, the best tasting catfish I ever had. One night we went fishing and swore we were gonna eat what we caught on the open fire. We caught a small cat, we carried one of those old long handled (I think it was actually an old popcorn popper) and we took along some salt and pepper and a lemon. We cut the head off the fish, and up the belly, stuffed him with that lemon, and salt and pepper and cooked him over an open fire. Best catfish I ever ate!

  15. Darryl, i was a little lad when dad cooked them that way:confused2:
    and i WILL NOT eat anything....spinach is not something you'll ever find on my plate!:smile2:

    oh, and mountain oysters are not something you'll find on my plate either:crazy:

  16. Johnny, Reckon we ought to tell them how they prepaired those big ole warf rats and those little white mice to eat. Oh lets don't forget the hard boiled eggs and what was in them.:crazy:
  17. have had koreans ask for shad to eat and seen on the net where people eat skipjack
  18. i was dip-netting large shad at a dam all day once for the guts. i could'nt have been more than 16 or 17. a buddy came down the hill to fish. and seen the huge pile of gutted shad. he asked me what i was gonna do with them. i told him i'd take a few for cutbait. but other than that they're useless. he got excited about all the fish and said he was gonna take some home. i told him he could'nt eat them. but, he would'nt listen. i went over his house later and his dad was yelling at the top of his lungs at him. apperently 'dad' came home while he was frying them up. there was a frying pan and half cooked fish all over the yard. and that house stunk something fierce. that was one of the worst smells i've ever experienced.
  19. I buy my crawlers from a couple of arabian guys at a local store, i go in there and buy crawlers to catch bait all the time, One day the guy was hinting that he would like to have some fresh fish i replied by telling him no problem ill bring you a catfish or two. He was extatic when i brought him a 6lb channel cat, the next time i talked to him i asked him how was the fish he said it was fabulous. I asked him how he had cooked it he said "I sawed it in half put it in the oven with "sauce" on it cooked for an hour". He said he did not remove the head of the fish or anything just sawed her in half and baked it with a sauce that i did not even care to ask about!!!!!
    That is the sickest recipe ive heard of that involves
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    As a youngin Granddad showed us kids how to fillet Fiddlers as he called them.. tail to head leaving the fillet attached to the body at the head.

    Cut a green Willow and polk the thin end in the Mouth of the fish good and deep and the other end in the mud next to the camp fire coals that had been sorta raked out where they were not to hot. About half an hour or so all that smoke and indirect heat made for a done fish.. Thumb nailed off the skin made them nice chunks just right for eating. Some Pork and Beans right out of a pass around can and we thought it was a banquet.:big_smile: