Sept. & Oct.: Big Catfish Time?

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  1. I keep hearing about Sept & Oct are gonna be gr8. Why? How much will the bite pick up compared 2 July & especially Aug? Are the tactics the same for big cats? Just wondering what experienced Catmen think! :)
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    When Flatheads feel the water cooling down, they put on the feedbag. It is their last chance to fattin up before wintering down. There is some good cattin to be had at this time. Even during the day.

  3. Mudcatboy- I can see that ur a Shovelhaed vet! So what are ur Top 3 baits for big Mud Cats? I've tried Goldfish twice (live & cut) with no luck. I don't even know if Goldfish are natural forage. I've tried cut bluegill twice with no luck. I just got some 3in Shiners 4 live bait. I wonder if they'll work. My PB catfish is a 10lb Flattie off of frozen cut shad sides!? So, any feedback would be appreciated. I'm after 40lb or better. Thx, bro! :)
  4. Cut Eel and bullhead catfish are good baits for the big flatheads.
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    Hey brother, I fish in the Ca. desert area, near Yuma, Az. My 3 favorite baits would have to be Bluegill, Tilapia, and Carp. Carp up to 1 lb. being my favorite. All these baits are indigenous to the river I fish. If you are serious about catching a 40+, Here is what I reccomend. Get some big gills or small carp, and keep them really lively in an aerated cooler. You need to make sure that the water is cool, not cold. When you fish these baits, they should be struggling to get off the hook. A freshly hooked bait is going to make alot of noise in the water. This is what attracts the flats. If after a little while, you notice that your bait is not moving anymore, grab the line, past the tip, and give it a few twitches. This will wake him up a bit and he'll usually struggle again for a few minutes. Flatheads are extremely aware of their territory. In the river I fish, It is not uncommon to catch a couple fish in the first 5 min, and then nothing for the next 20. This is when I move. On my home water I have dozens of spots. I'll fish each spot for 20 min or so and move on to the next one. I'm looking for the flatheads that are in a feeding mood. To summarize, I would fish the liveliest baits you can find, and cover more water. I'm sure you will be posting a new avatar shortly........Good Luck
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  6. That,s sound advice there Jim!
  7. Mudcatboy- Ur words haven't fallen on def ears! I want 2 hunt both of our Big Cat species with success! So, do u ever cut those baits? How do u catch Carp & where do u find them? Hey, do u fish them big reservoirs out there? There's 100+lbrs out there all day! You should go ahead & set that state record soon! :) @Bigcatpat- U mainly target Yellow Cats, don'tcha? Well, what's ur thoughts on top 3 bait fish East of the Mississippi? Peace :)
  8. Around here,I like greensunnies,rock bass,and gills in that order.I,ll use most anything I can get my hands on though.I like smaller carp too,they,re illegal for bait here in PA,more importantly they,re hard to come by also.I use more gills than anything else simply cause they,re the easiest to come by on a regular basis.I,ve caught em on the ones i,ve mentioned+shad,big shiners,white bass,small and largemouth,walleye and sauger,sheephead(freshwater drum),suckers,trout,bullheads.Never been able to buy a bite on buffalo-live or cut.I hear a lot of guys that do good with them too,maybe i,ve just had bad luck when i,ve had one on.Ther,s guys around here that like crappie too,but that,s another one i,ve never had any luck with.I like whatever,s the easiest to gather up at the time.I don,t wanna kill myself gatherin up bait.
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    There are alot of farms and crops in the area I fish. There are hundreds of canals, ditches, drains, and ponds, from where I can catch the baits I previously mentioned. Using a throw net is the easiest way to get live bait. I have never used cut bait. Some people swear by it. I haven't had a problem catching flatheads in the spring, summer, or fall. Thus, i've never felt the need to change any of my tactics. The resevoirs that you mentioned are in the san diego area. They have caught many 70-100lb. blues in there. I
    have too much fun with Mr. Olive Colored Mudfish, to try and learn how to catch blues. There is a small local resevoir out here that is fed by the colorado river. I held the lake record there for 12 years.....49 lb Flathead. Plus, I lost a bigger fish. I think the record now is 53 lb. If you want to catch a 40+, Check out the pic's........Good Luck

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  10. I want me some of those little carp BAD!:disapointed:
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    Me too.........My last few trips I haven't been able to get any.
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    man I'd love to find some carp that size. I always get 20-30LB Carp in my gill net :-( If I could catch 3-5 of those little carp Oh My God it would be on
  13. I've noticed 1 thing that I've been missing on my hunts... quality bait!! I've also noticed that Carp seems 2 be a good bait 4 Mr. Olive Colored Mudfish & Mr. Forktail Cat! Now, I gotta find out how 2 catch 'em! I really wanna try Bullhead as well. The river is low, water is murky, & hardly any current @ the boat ramp... is this good Mud Cat habitat? What about Frogs as bait for Flatties & Blues? Peace :)