Semi v or Flat bottom?

Discussion in 'MISSOURI RIVERS TALK' started by dcastle, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. dcastle

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    I have a chance to buy either an aluminum 16 foot flat bottom boat or a 16 foot aluminum semi v. Which one would be the better boat for the Missouri river?
    Thanks for any help you might have.
  2. GUP

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    depends on what you want from your boat. I have a flat bottom. The flat bottom will give you a little more room, and works better if you ever nose up on shore to fish a lake, it doesn't lean. The flat bottom rides rougher in choppy conditons, and can tend to want to catch wind under the front and nose up when going fast. The semi V will certainly ride smoother in choppy water, probably handles better too at speed. JMO

  3. THe semi V (modified v) would Be much preferred in My book. for the missouri river You seldom have to deal with a lot of shallow water and won't draft that much deeper anyway. You will have to deal with large swells at time and barge wakes the mod V will handle them much better then a flat bottom.

    RIVER-RAT New Member

    What is the degree of the semi v? I have a SeaArk with what they call a modified V which is 3 degrees. On smooth water it is fine, in chop, it gets a bit rough! :eek:oooh::smile2:
  5. took the words right outa my mouth
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    What it all depends on is are u looking for the room or the ride? I personaly have a sea ark with a 15 degree v all the way to the back of my boat and it rides across ruff water like a dream unlike a flat bottom it will make u sore and end up getting u wet in ruff water.
  7. Mo.Hick

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    I have a flat bottom jon boat a really like it. But if I was looking for another boat I would look for a simi-v just because of the ride in ruff water. Everybody to their own opinion. If I was you I would do all the research I could before I made my decision. Good Luck.

  8. GaryF

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    My boat is a vee and I like it in rough water. I gave up some ability for shallow running for that, though. Other minuses are that a vee has to go a little faster to get up on plane, and tends to rock a little more with waves from the side, especially when anchored. It will also lean a little more than a flat bottom when you get more weight on one side, such as when you are landing a fish or just moving around the boat.

    A vee will often have higher sides and be a little wider than a flat bottom of the same length.... that's not an absolute, but would be worth comparing. My 16.5 foot vee bottom gives me way more floor space than a similar length jon boat, and was the main reason for my choice.
  9. I have both and I wouldn't think of going out in the mo in my jon boat. ships water over the stern pretty easily. doesnt handle the wind very well either. with the semi v you can feel more comfortable on lakes as well. These ks lakes get so windy they can capsize a jon boat in a hurry. anchor off the bow facing into the wind or current and you won't have any problems with a semi v.
  10. Me personal I'd take a paddle boat out on the Missouri just to fish if I could. We maybe not the missouri, but definately the Kaw or Grand: