Selling Asian Carp

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    I just read an article about selling Asian Carp. Big River Fish in Pearl, IL. is buying about 30,000 lbs of Asian Carp a week with hopes of getting a deal to sell them to China and Japan. If they can work out a deal, they will need millions of pounds per year to export.
    I sure hope this deal works out, so they can start clearing the Asian Carp out of the Mississippi and Missouri. I read the article in the local paper. You can see the article at
  2. Same article was in the Jacksonville paper too. They've been working on this for two years. I too hope it gets approved and up and running, BUT having said that things arent real promising. Theres not alot of state or federal money for start up etc. Theyve been trying to get a plant going up by Havana for two years also and its still "in the works". My retreat is about 1/2 mile as the crow flies from the fish company in Pearl and several of my wifes family work for them. If you ever go thru Pearl the company is on the main drag/highway and has good deals on fish, cant miss it. In the mean time asian carp make great cut bait for channel and trapping. Buddy runs several hoop nets with wings and it takes two guys to pull them up they get so full.

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    Yeah it would be nice to get those things out of the water here and back to their homeland, into someone's stomach. Maybe if they pass laws to trotline for asian carp, we can all agree on something! Either way, I'll keep doing my part by bowfishing.
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    I was at the Piasa Boat launch at Alton about three weeks ago and this guy drives up and asked me if I knew any commercial fisherman. He said he was from florida and was looking to buy 40,000 lbs of the asian carp. He told me there was a big market with the chinees and Jewish people there.
  5. Hopefully they wipe them out.
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    Does anyone know if this deal has went through? I am looking at the possibilty's of going to war on these asians. I want to net them this winter if its feasible to make a little money at it.