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  1. so i've been going to sac river for a couple years around the freport area. Fishing has been decent. i have caught numerous cats, but none of decent size. basically i was wondering if anybody knew of a good spot on the sac river in the sac area that is decent for catching cats. any help would be apprecitated. thank you
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  2. Hey there welcome aboard....

    I have fished in the area a time or two from a boat? Have you got a boat or are you stuck to the shore?

    I think I saw a post on the American River .... on catfishing... was that you?

  3. thank you, havent fished much of the american river at all. i will have to give that a shot as well. as for me im stranded on shore and dont have a boat which is unfortunate.
  4. Are you doing your fishing at night time bro
  5. yeah i do most of my catfishing at night. less noise and people
  6. One of the BOC boys does the SAC quite often..... Lindsay... Linzer...but he is not talking much at all these day.....

    When I did the Sac exploration trip in 96...I launched at Garcia Bend and traveled up and beyond the American River in my old Bayrunner Boat.

    I took note of areas that had folks on the bank fishing...

    here is a spot ... ramp and all....... I think that you just need to travel the bank road ... maybe on a bicycle or roller skates and check things out... LOL

    Sacramento River, West Sacramento, CA - Google Maps

    Even at Discovery park... there is shore fishing at the ramp...

    The local shops will give out information as well.....Freeport bait?
  7. Hey Chris......Welcome to :handshake:
  8. awesome. thank you for the feedback. i'm going to try and go out tonight, hoping the weather doesn't put a damper on it. gonna be a little windy and lows in the high 40's. do you think that will matter?
  9. Might be nice to have a blanket to lay over the legs... LOL

    Do you have "bite indicators" or lights for you pole... helps with the visual part of watching and listening for the strikes....

    Might get some stripers to come in and go........ got to be close at hand.... Several of our buddies have been taken for "loss poles" by those pesky fish...LOL
  10. lol yeah i've only caught little stripers about 8-10 inchers. i've got bells but that probably wont hold up well in the wind. i'm thinking i might pick up some glow sticks for the tip
  11. We sometimes go to Freeport and fish early morning till late afternoon
  12. welcome to the BOC !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Welcome to the BOC. When I fished up there we fished by the ports off the dirt road that goes along the river. We also used to fish Lisbon Slough just outside of Sac. If you can still access it try the spot off of Jefferson opposite side of the ports. There is a small stretch of calm water there where we used to catch a bunch of nice cats and schoolie stripers. You have to climb down a ladder to get the bigger fish because you are basically fishing off a rail straight down to the water. Pain in the ass getting to the big fish, but a good fishing hole. Wish I had more info for ya.
  14. any info helps so thank you very much. went out last night out in freeport got some bites only landed one fish, wasn't even a cat haha. Ended up catching the one fish which was about a 4lb squawfish. so not a very productive night, but many more to come soon. thank you though i'll have to check that spot out. any new spots and info help so thank you again
  15. Hey Chris,
    What's up & Welcome to the B.O.C./U.S.C.A. (Catfish1). :cool:

    I fill ya on the not having the boat thing - I'll take it one step further - "I don't even have a %^#@*&^ car" :mad-tongue:
    But you could just ask some of the Fellows here & they will tell you that "That ain't going the stop Bert from doing his thang" :airplane:
    ("Never That" :arghh:)
    People like us maybe shore bound - But we still get out there & do our thing right?

    You are going to get some good information here & you are going to meet some of the best fishing Buddies here that you could ever have.
    (Trust Me)

    Like I said Chris - "Welcome Aboard" & "You will not be sorry that you came here"!!!
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    If you have questions about a specific spot just let me know and I'll look it up on google maps and tell ya how to get there. Some good fishing up that way.
  17. Just keep checking it out!!!! Ther is great fishing up that way:cowboy:
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    i am also looking for some tips on to where to go catfishing on the american and the sac, any help is appreciated. maybe get together and look for them as a team. I consider myself an extremly good fisherman, it's just that i just moved here and could use a little help.
  19. Welome to the USCA/BOC....... I like your idea of fishing as a team. Check out our Delta lover 2 thread. You are welcome to attend brother:Happy:
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    you should check out lake natoma. i haven't done the work to learn the lake for catfish but it's known to throw out a pig once in a while. clean water too.