Removing grout from tile surface

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  1. Whoever grouted the tile in a shower at my parents house didn't clean the tile real good and now it has dried grout on the surface of the tile. Anyone have any suggestions on how to remove it with out the elbow grease I see in my future? Sandpaper, scouring pad, chemicals?
  2. Call who ever did it and ask them to come out and look it over and then fix it?

  3. Well it was a free job from someone my mom goes to church with. I would just assume that he doesn't come back. I told them that I would TRY to fix it.
  4. It depends on the grout that was used! If it is an epoxy grout you can pretty much forget about it! If it was just freshly done with a cement type grout and depending on any number of additives that are used, you may be abel to remove the grout! It will not happen with out labor intensive manual labor! You dont want to use steel as you most likly damage ceramic tile. Use those synthetic scrubbers (lots) with a piece of wood for backing and elbo grease! I have tackeled it before and it in most cases if the grout is completely cured and more so, if the tile has a texture, it's a nitemare! Thats a time and matierials job!
  5. Thanks Phillip. The tile is probably 1 1/2' x 1 1/2" and textured. It's not epoxy but non sanded.It's been on there longer than 10 days.
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    Go get some red oak 1x2's and rip them about 3/8 of an inch wide. Cut them about 8-10 inches long so you have sticks that are 3/4 x 3/8 x 8. Then use the sticks like you would an ice scraper on a windshield. Eventually, the sticks will wear down. When that happens, cut the tip off and get back to scraping.

    The reason I recommend wood is because metal will mark the tile and wood is relatively cheap.

    Been there. Done that.
  7. Thanks Matt. I rekon I'll try the wood scrapers first. Thanks
  8. Mark, after you get the heavy deposits scrapped off, try using burlap to finish it up. As stated, lots of elbow grease.
  9. I appreciate all the ideas guys. I'm sure something will work.
  10. either all of the above or don't worry about it the groute will wear off the tiles eventially it may take a few months of use or so but i am a firm believer that the groute will wear off.. good luck kenny
  11. here is what I would do I have a round osilating (thats not the right spelling) sander its a dewalt has like the velcro holder on it that holds the sand papper on I took a green rectangle scouring pad and set the sander head on it and cut the cirlcle out and ues it it works good good luck
  12. I tried some chemical Home Depot had and a scrub brush. It worked for the most part. But not all of it came off. Good enough for me.