Regulations for catfish in North Carolina

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    I'm not trying to "stir the pot" just wandering if anybody had any thoughts on making cats (of all species) a sportfish and have size and creel limits set, as well as methods of harvesting.

    We fished lock and dam #2 this past weekend. From what we could tell somebody had caught (about 15lbs.) a blue cat. It appears they tryed to fillet it. Everything they cut off the fish (fillets) was lying in the water. From what we could tell the fish was destryoed for no reason. :mad: This is not the first time I have seen these fish destroyed for no reason.

    STRICKLY MY OPINION: The fish was destoryed for no reason and I would like to see the catfish protected.
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    with the population in the united states growing at an alarming rate, and the number of people after catfish is also growing we do need size and creel limits to protect these fish, in most areas..Note, I said most not all.

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    Check this out, it's for VA but spose to be coming here also...sounds awesome, although i think that a lb. limit would be better b/c i've caught some light blues that where long, But it's an awesome start....
  4. bigblaze it might be time to stir the pot. ive already seen guys taking 500-1000lbs of catfish out of lakes in nc in one night. its a shame that catfishing is reported to be the second most popular fish, that we dont have some rules on them. as far as i know a man could put a 1000 jugs in a lake in one night if he wanted to. i will be the first to admit that i have jug fish before i learned to catch them on rod and reel. i never have kept a fish off a jug for myself. there will never be a fish over 10lbs kept in my boat unless it is gut hooked or dieing. i think the catching of the world record last year has added more preasure to catfishing. 10-15 years ago nobody was serious about catfishing on the lakes that i know of. if you where to look at the members on this board i bet less than 25 percent where catfishing seriously 10-15 years ago. i dont have a problem with a man wanting to put some fish in the freezer but i sure have seen some hungry people. it takes years for these fish to grow. im with you.
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    I dont worry much about creel limits anyway, I only catch and release, but I've been a supporter of limits on catfish for a long time now. I think a size limit would make more sense than a catch limit. I've seen way too many people who will keep a fish of any size, and I've "accidently" released lots of fish, not more than 6 inches long, that people were trying to take home to eat.
  6. Personally I am against jugs, trotlines, and basically any type of fishing thats not rod and reel. I would love for NC to make more rules for catfish, at least for certain bodies of water.:)
  7. Personally, I think that the best way to do it would be to set up regulations on a slot limit system. Because with the exception for flatheads, which never really get oily or very muddy as they get big, the best sized cats to eat are between 2 and 5lbs. Anything smaller then that and you're not going to feed one person off it. So say you can posses a certain number of fish between 2-5lbs, or use average length for said sizes, and maybe(and that's a big MAYBE) a one fish limit for a set throphy sized fish, sort of like some states do with stripers, and some lakes do back home with walleyes. For example, a lake back home(which for the life of me I can't remember right now), you are allowed to have a daily possession of 3 walleyes between 15"-18". One of which may be larger than 25", but you cannot possess any between 1"-14.99" and 18.01-24.99"...I know I'm being brutally specific. But I think that those sets of regulations would work good in keeping decent breeding sized fish in the water, promoting a few old fish to be removed, and protecting the younger fish untill they are old enough to become producing adults. And setting a harvest size that actually have viable fish to eat. I too have seen people with stringers of fish less then 12" long, just a braggin' on about how the cats were hitting...untill I said,"You call those catfish?" Anyway, this is just one option, I don't know how it will work for cats untill it is tried. It seems to work decent on other waters for other species of gamefish...and by the way, I don't care what they say, catfish are a GAMEFISH!!!
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    I just heard on the radio while I was fishing friday morning that there will be 54 new rules starting july first for fishing and hunting, so hopefully they put some kind of restrictions on the catfishing, I for one, would like to see limb lines trot lines and jugging go away, oh yeah and also the shock fishing on the cape fear.
  9. You've got my vote on limb lines, jugging and shocking. It's probably part of the new controversal laws they've been discussin along with the banning of hunting dogs for deer hunting, which I'd be more than happy to see also!
  10. well we wrote about this issue on the old board and a lot of people got mad about it. my self and others have tried to get catfish seen as a game fish becaus eof the money issue it could bring to the state. but they told us that the were not native and they wanted them gone. secondly shocking is stupid!!!!!!!!!! some members have said it si fine and legal but i dont agree. how can some one shocka nd take all the fish they want and call it fishing. there is no way human possible that a guy with a rod and reel can do as much damage to a populastion as one with a shocker. just my thought on issue. a lot of the guys on here know how i feel about this and i got a lot of slack about a flathead i kept becaus eit had a large gash in stomach from fighting and swallowinga whole 8 inch eel. other wise it would have gone back but it would have died minutes after being relesaed with that gash. it cut both stomach and othe organs but other on here yelled you killed it. well i did in one way but i did eat it and shared it with others. we are all human and have different views but we are suppose to be here to promote cat fish and try and protect them somewhat. we as a group in nc should try to get together and do something. lets all go to our congress men and show them we want something done about it now before it is too late.
  11. And for instances like that is where that one trophy fish limit would come into play. Stuff like that doesn't happen all the time, and I'm sure that a lot of others out there were just a little put-off about it, but it happens. Releasing that fish wouldn't have been anymore effective then having a piston go in your car and conitnuing to drive anyway. At least the fish didn't go to waste is how I see it. Now, someone who's "gut hooking" three or more fish a night, needs to start watching their rods a little closer! lol

    Also, as for them being "not native"...are WE native? We call ourselves native because we've been here for a certain amount of time. But with exception for a few that have full Native American backgrounds, none of us are technically "natives". So maybe all humans should be irradicated from North America also? These catfish ARE however native to North America at least! So what should be done about a man-made lake with that logic...the lake isn't even "native"...?
  12. Geeze. never ever heard of it where you couldn't buy crawdads for bait. This is a little much in my opinion.
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    Yep, The not native line doesn't hold water. Inland stripers, bodie's, etc; not native to those landlocked lakes. Any trout but a brook trout, same thing. Walleyes, I am guessing the same.
    It boils down to a mater of acceptance of what's considered a game fish. We have to change the perception of how catfish are viewed is all.
  14. I am all for making catfish regulations. I know something is going to have to be done. I've been to Santee numerous times and seen boats so full of catfish it was hard to believe. Even in N.C. I've seen boats with more than there fair share of whiskers. A lot of people consider them "trash fish" and that there will always be enough for everyone!!!!! Maybe a limit of 5 or so per day and maybe include one trophy fish. I'm not really sure. I know on my boat that nothing over 15lbs. is kept unless the fish is injured, but that is just common sense, and every one knows this before they go fishing with me. I caught several nice trophy fish and they have all been released, just like the one in the photo. I take a couple of pictures, get a weight and let 'em go. It sure is a lot more to fun catch one and reel it in than to clean one. But I will have to admit, I love the taste of catfish. Jugs, trotlines, lib lines, shocking and anything else thats not considered a rod and reel should be outlawed. There have been a lot of trophy fish killed over the last few years that were taken by means other than rod and reel and that is a shame. Where is the fun in that??
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    I guess I have "stirred the pot". Easy Joe...

    I like the slot limit idea.

    I think the common problem is a misconception that they are a trash fish and they will be around forever.....this could be the downfall of the catfish...

    If everybody just keeps taking... well you can figure out the rest.

    I am all for using (eating ) what you catch....but if it's just gonna be destroyed throw it back!!!!


    Unfortunately, nothing significant about catfish in those rules. I doubt catfish will ever be considered a game fish. Would be nice but the wardens can't come close to enforcing the game fish laws on the books now. The last thing they want to do is add more for the few wardens there are.

    Hopefully, anglers will be more educated through sites like this and there will be plenty to go around. Personally, I tell all the anglers I meet on the rivers and lakes "did you here about the raw sewage plant up the way? That's why these Catfish are so fat!" :)
  17. It's pointless to discuss limits,slots ,size restrictions etc etc etc.Unless the catfishes are designated as Gamefish by your state. The regulatory agencies have no authority to restrict anything if it isn't a gamefish.Fish like the catfish,gar and some others have always in traditional thinking been "Trash" fish not worthy of regulation.Until we change that mindset we will continue to watch the destruction of trophy fisheries,such as Santee.Not all waters need stringent restrictions just like not all rivers in the west are designated as Blue Ribbon trout streams.Once the Game and Fish have the power to regulate they can adjust regulations and use many diffrent methods to control populations.Until then we must continue to speak out any way we can.I see many posts on here by truly concerned fishermen but how many of you are so concerned that you have hand written a letter to you state government representatives and told them what YOU would like to have happen.Call them,because I can tell you for sure not one regulation will be enacted because your state senator reads the BOC.Let them know personally what you think.:)
  18. jim you got a good point. do you have that address or know where i can get it?
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    I would love to see regulations on catfish. I just don't think it will ever happen. I agree with the post about game wardens not being able to enforce the laws we have on the books now. That goes for fishing and hunting. In the last seven years I have been checked on the water by a game warden one time, and I am on the water more than the average fisherman. We just have to regulate ourselves. If you want some fish to eat, keep what you need and release the rest. The worst thing you can do is waste any fish or game. I have started a rule on my boat that every fish over 15 lbs. goes back. I don't keep any unless I or someone who is with me wants some to eat.
  20. other states do have regs on catfish. it can happen with education and by sportsman banding together(dont fight the license program, it is how our impact is measured) and getting something done.

    it puts joy in my heart to see that people have began to change there minds on the BOC as far as cpr, being a sportsman and not a raper of the environment, and wanting to do what is best for the sport and not just what the laws say you can get away with.

    we had a "spirited" discussion a while back where i was slammed for stating these same things that you all are saying now. it's good to see i am not alone in my thoughts.

    as far as limb lines. people who set them and keep every fish and do not use any ethics are a bad sort. i used to think limblines were a bad thing. then i started setting some with my brother in law. we dont usually keep any, maybe a couple once in a while for a fish fry. my mind has been changed on this type of fishing now. its a ton of fun to come up and see that line and branch jerking around and to wonder if this may be a giant. regulations on numbers and sizes would keep people from abusing this type of fishing as well as other types. now, i rod fish way more than setting hooks, but i enjoy both. no damage is done to the fish if circle hooks are used and it gives a really good idea where the fish are and what you can do to increase your catches on rod and reel.