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    anyone been fishing the rappahannock lately?
    if so any luck, and where would be a nice hole to catch a big blue
    p.s. id be using a boat.
  2. fish guts

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    where is everyone at??????

  3. I grew up on the rappahannock river,if your fishin for huge blue catfish try putting your boat in at port royal landing ,use cut shad,eels and hang on they are catching some huge cats and lots of eater size also.launch fee is five bucks and good clean ramp and bait shop at the landing.good luck
  4. I heard that is one of the top big blue rivers. You have to pay a fee to launch a boat? So are they watching your truck too?
  5. where do you live?

    the rapp has been in decline for years .. too many people keeping the big fish and too many people still trot lining .. i live 15 minutes from the rapp but i always go the extra 45 minutes down to the james ... much more worth it to me

    if you REALLY want to fish the rapp .. tappahannock or hicks landing to launch .. there's some deep holes in the bends there that produce occassionally .. i wouldn't go with high expectations however
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    i live a block from the college, from the time i leave till the time im in the water is about 7 min. so i fish it alot. i usually put in at city docks and run about half way to 5 dollar hole. i fish near the huge dirt cliffs if you know where that is, and iv pulled a few 20lbs'ers outa there. i dont mind the drive to port royal and i usually head up stream from there about a mile. would i do better going downstream? if so how far to the deep holes? also im going to try to make the run to the james, but i want to wait for them to start bitting good. any idea when the prime time to head down is? thanks everyone for responding i was beginning to think there was nobody on this site....

    Tight lines,

    P.S. iv heard that there are some stripers in the rapp raight now, any truth to it?
  7. Should start on the James anytime now. Went two weeks ago with no success. Hoping mid November thru the winter are awesome like it has been. :)
  8. fish guts i probably drive by you every day .. i work at coldwell banker carriage house realty right down the street .. what street do you live on?

    yeah i've fished by those bluff walls .. the best hole within a half hour boat ride of city dock .. there's another good hole another 15 minutes downstream but not really worth the ride .. by good i just mean its deep and has cover .. never caught anything over 5lbs out of it

    striper should be running now or very soon on both the rapp and the james .. it usually starts first on the rapp so that's a good indicator

    yeah you've gotta head down to the james .. we'll have to get together sometime .. i was supposed to go today but i had some contracts to write and didn't get a chance .. should be heading down next week .. i'll let you know if the bite is on or not .. it should be on very very soon here .. water temps are reported at mid 60's now and every report i hear is lower and lower .. last week they were mid to high 70's .. i would assume the reason its been so tough is the fish are on the move .. therefore fishing structure just dosen't work .. they pay less attention to food and more attention at getting where they need to be .. i would assume that they have to be getting staged soon here .. in 2 weeks we'll be into november .. lots of nights predicted in the low 40's now with high's in the low 60's over the weekend and into next week .. that should pull another couple degrees off the water temp .. fall feeding has got to start any time now
  9. Is that a L.I.P. drum in your profile pic?? When'd you get 'er. I picked up 4 during the run a couple of weeks ago.
  10. By the way, I'm heading to the James one evening next week myself. Will provide a report.

    I've got one question though. I'm relatively new at fishing for the big blues and am a little unsure as to what pattern to fish during the fall. Should I look for them in deeper water or up on the flats at this time of year?

    I'll be launching out of Hopewell.

  11. fall fishing is frustrating .. feast or famine

    with the water temps falling hard most of the fish will be moving towards winter holes with occasional feeding binges on the way .. your best bet is to start at a wintering hole and if nothing is caught there fish the "lanes" they will use to travel from summertime locations such as channel edges and maybe even in the channel itself .. don't get discouraged its a very tough time to fish
  12. Thanks Tank. We'll see how it goes. I'm hoping we'll see the beginning of the bite by then.
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    first off, tank i live on augustine ave. near the corner of rowe st.(the only house with boats in the front yard!!! please let me know the report when you get back!!

    second off, gottafish yes its a lip drum ,and paper at that!! she went 48-1/2in. caught it 10-9 . congrats on your reds, its an addiction!!!
    and by the way everyone knows there are no fish at the lip!!! :D
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    gottafish i forgot to ask, you wouldnt happen to be a p&s P.S.Y.C.O. would ya!!!!
  15. Nope...not a P.S.Y.C.O. I lurk over there quite a bit but don't really participate much.

    LOL...Ain't no fish at the LIP!!! I just carried mine up there to take pics ;)

    I got mine just a couple of days before. A 42 on the 6th, and a 46 and two 48s on the 7th. Cut another one off on that nasty snag out front on the same day!!

    Can't get enough. I'm heading down to Buxton for the weekend tomorrow. I'm afraid, with the warm water, that I'm about a week too early. We'll see.

  16. gottafish when are you going to the james? i think i'm going to go wednesday as long as i don't get too busy with work

    fishguts i'll have to look for your house .. i'll definatly post how i make out

    a strong bite has to start soon here .. water temps as of last weekend were mid 60's .. with the forcast being mid to low 60's during the day and low 40's at night for the remainder of the 7 day forcast it should bring the water temps to low 60's (if its not already there) and hopefully down to mid to high 50's

    how does that cheer go you hear at football games?

    action action we want action!!
  17. We want action BAD!!! I'm chomping at the bit...

    I'm hoping for wednesday night, but it might be thursday. I've got to wrap up a couple of things at work before I can decide for sure. I'll post up when I know.

  18. I plan on heading out sunday, the bite is on and the water temps are looking good. I really like November and December for cattin on the James it can produce some big blues. I havent been on the river much lately because of the water temps but its going to be on fire soon. Ill let you guys know how it is on the river.
  19. good luck sunday bluecathunter .. please post a report when you get back in .. alot of us are interested in finding out if the bite has moving into full swing yet

    just curious you said the bite is on .. like winter on or you just mean people are finally starting to catch fish again?
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    i have a few questions for you guys?

    1-what is the hot bait for the winter?

    2-proper way to freeze bait? iv alwayse put whole fish in a ziplock bag and filled with water. but now im hearing that i should put the fish in a bag with no water and cover them with salt.

    3-is it possible to catch herring or shad now?