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    That's OK ~~~~~ , how's about snapping a picture of the HMW waiting at the door w/beer in hand dressed up in her French maid outfit ?:wink1:
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  3. cheapNdisgusting

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    ~~~~~ thanks for the photo info.
  4. sscharlie

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    Dave O', I'll work on that one for ya.....ISYN
    I'm out of beer right now....That's the easy part of the puzzle to fix......
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  5. Mac-b

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  6. four O here n Deb is 44 n out the door. :eek1::roflmao: Happy U to U.

    ~~~~~ do U drink snapple?? IJA

    By jim a knee I think I know what to do now. since my watch is dying I'll just go down ta hannibul n get a wittle bitty camera that takes witty bitty pictuers that don't turn all the fish pics. blue like Mac's.

    Could he re paint them pics. ~~~~~?? IJA

    I like the ones with the tail cut off, saves me the time.
  7. Fishfeen

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    Just checkin in, were here. Was gonna go fishin with the misses but she changed my mind...to windy anyways.

    Deb Have a Very Happy Birthday and many more.

    Where did ole Glen go?

    Yall have a great day. -fishfeen
  8. Happy Birthday Mrs Debb. Best wish for u on you're birthday.. Well 42 degrees here n northern ohio. Pretty good breeze uh blowing. Got me 2 orders last nite. One is for 200 flys. All salmon flys they are the easy ones. And costly too. and they ordered and hand full of tube flies. I'll make some money on this order, And its all 6 patterns. with diffrent color varaitions. I could have this done bye tomorrow and in the mail buy monday no problem. Well i gotta go to wally world 1st. U folks have a good day..
  9. Thanks Big D. U really dont no how much i appreciate that. Your can expect a nice assortment in the mail when im done with these two orders. I no u like the May fly patterns. So i'll shoot u some of those and some other stuff too.. Thank u very much brother.. Pm in some flys u may want. Or if you want i'll just send u anything. lol.. But i no u want the mayflys so thats all ready going to b part of er..
  10. Mac-b

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    All salmon flys they are the easy ones. Do they look like this >>> [​IMG] ?
  11. oh no

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    Notice To All eBayer's

    Tax checks are coming back, and everything is higher, from replacement motors, to terminal tackle, car's ,trucks to anything you want,,,

    You might as well go fishing as no bargins are out there.

    Happy Fishing

    Mr. eBay
  12. sscharlie

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    Well, been getting notices of price increases from ALL my suppliers.
    Anywhere from 2 to 6% increases starting April 1....CHIT
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  13. boswifedeb

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    Thanks folks. Bo and the snottens just presented me with a cake. WHOO HOO! I'll try to get a picture of it later. Didja know that today is a holiday? Bo took it off. LOL! I'll have to collect my birthday present from him later.:wink1: That includes the swats. LOL!
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  14. cheapNdisgusting

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    Kinky. That's a good thing.
    Hope Bo lives thru it.
  15. Hi folks i'm new I happen to be Miz Deb and Bo's youngest (Bubba). Please be gentle? :pray:
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  16. cheapNdisgusting

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    I just had probably the worst 15 min. storm I've been in. Hail the size of a quarter totally covered the ground, the windshield in my truck is cracked, Bob is hid somewhere, and now the sun is out. Woo Hoo - anything for a cheap thrill.
  17. Mac-b

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    [​IMG] Couldn't U get someone to take a photo of U or are U camera shy ?
  18. Camera shy, Very camera shy lol
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  20. Have mercy!!!!!