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    I say both. Are you suprised I said that, didn't think so.
    Well, maybe Dallas is since he has CRS so it's a new phrase to him....LOL
    Gona do some test with this post with some attachments, ifin it works.

    CH, this ones for you Bud......ISYN
    From what I read, the method of attaching a pic has changed so I'll have 15 minutes to edit this one and try different chit ifin I don't get it right...

    O, by the way(BTW) Thanks and Thanks

    Yesterday I did as I said I would. I ran a "TAD" late but still got it done the way I wanted.

    View attachment 173617
    Once their in your image folder, you can place on the page where ya want them but they have to be uploaded into that folder first...I'm out of edit time....

    Finished folding the newsletters and headed out in the van with my fishing cart. Delivered the newsletter at 12:30 and chated with the client for 15 minutes and soaked in all the compliments they had to offer and headed for the lake. Got set up by 1:00 and had 5 bites the first half hour and they were the quick one-two bites and missed them, and then zilch, nada till 3:00 so I decided to move to another spot. Bout 15 minutes into the new spot and got a good little bit and hooked up. Small one about a pound. Got two more like that and then my pole sucked down like a Joisy girl.
    Even with the cold water, this one had some powerful tail...ISYN
    It was a dandy one, I weighed it when I got home and was 6pounds 10oz.

    View attachment 173618
    OK, got that one in after I placed in my attachment folder with the "Manage" function

    Sent the HMW a text and said I was bringing home dinner. Packed up at 4 and went home.
    Temp was 48 with winds 10-12 out of the ESE. But the sky was clear as a bell. I ain't ever seen a "clear bell", have you CH????
    Bait was pork liver and CBMIGP(old) and all bites were on the pork liver.
    OK, now I can screw with some pics..

    Took a bit but I got it somewhat. Don't seem to be able to place within the post where ya want them tho. Not impressed....YSWM
    I had to compress the size ratio. Even tho the file is under 1 meg, the size ratio is the key. If you hold your mouse over a pic on your computer, it will say what size ratio the pic ratio is, ie: 788x840, 1065x1538 etc.... Gota get it down to what was posted. I forgot what it was.

    PS: all three pics started inside the box below then use the regular insert dealy and placed them where I wanted...
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  2. TGIF and all that stuff, gonna snow n blow here today, our high for the day was about 12:00 last night, 21* right now and lookin at maybe 35-40 any how gonna travel 80 miles to the nearest walmart , and lowes , as well as Sears tomorrow and pizz away some of my hard earned income tax refund. But today I gotta work.

  3. Just so's you know, but first, I signed up for the do not track thing on google, but ,but there is a big butt. The company's can chose to track or not track it's up to them, what a crock, do not call means do not call or I call the law.

    Now bout the eyes, I, I use AZASITE, (azithromycin ophthalmic solution) 1% ever night just fore I go nighty night. This is by subscription only an not to imply U need this. Then when U pull the boat down a dirt road and run up the river with bugs ticker than fleas on a dillo, too thick to comb, and the thurty mile n hour wind blows all the tears out a yur eyes at 40 mph; I carry Optive eye drops which is a moisturizing dry eye solution, ( Carboxymethycellulose sodium 0.5% and Glycerin 0.9% ) . DO NOT go buy something over the counter like Visine an figure yer go to go, No NO, NO. So hears what U do. Have the RHS call yer EYE doctor and ask what brand U should use, have her do it as U may not understand the question let alone the answer. Then U get two bottles. Put one in yur pocket and one by the computer as they can be used as needed.
    As always: glad I could help.
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    CH, try some Endacorp ifin ya need some pucker factor....YSWM???

    No, No, No, not for the eye's....careful
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    If you hold your mouse over a pic on your computer, it will say what size ratio the pic ratio is, ie: 788x840, 1065x1538 etc.... Gota get it down to what was posted. I forgot what it was.
    Q ~~~~~

    Looks like I'm going to have to get a longer cord for my mouse or go to one of those cordless mouses to get the mouse to touch the computer screen where the photo is !

    On a serious note, I have reprogrammed my resizer to 800x600 and it still processes it at 1600 x 1200. Don't know ifin it can't follow instructions or what. Chit, fire and save matches, I hate change.

    Don't know why I'm letting this crap bother me, cause after December 21, 2012 it won't matter. KWIM
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    Morning folks. Well, the day finally rolled around: I hit the big 44 today. LOL! When I was a teeny bopper I never thought I'd live this long. Gonna make us some pizza tonight to celebrate.:clown:

    We've had one round of storms already go through this morning with high winds, heavy rain, and hail. More to come later today. Yee haw. NOT!

    Well, gotta get the rotten snottens busy on school.
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    You can use a simple program on your pooper with a com to re-size your stuff...(no, not by watching a porno)

    I think all versions of windows has a program called "Paint"
    Mine is here,

    Open it and open a pic.
    Then go to to top menu and click on "image"
    Then click on "attributes"
    You can put in the 800x600 to re-size the pic.
    Be sure and save it.
    I'd save it with a new name cause it my crop off some of the image.

    Try it.
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    Let see ifin the resized pic will post without placing inside the attachment folder first...

    View attachment 173624

    Yep, after I resized the pic in "Paint" I saved it as Bigcat5 and used the regular "Insert image" like we always did...

    Notice how the tail cropped off in the image.
  9. happy bday sis.
  10. 421934_167871373326732_100003116117718_248055_1788879313_n.jpg i don't know what the deal is with you guys posting pics but it works for me like it always has.
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    We've had one round of storms already go through this morning with high winds, heavy rain, and hail. More to come later today. Yee haw. NOT!

    Q from the Birthday Girl (Happy B-Day Miz. Deb)

    WG's are saying ifin it makes it over the ridge, we are in fer a bad one.

    KM, the eye doc gave me a sampler of Optive Sensitive and it seem to help a TAD after the fact. But, I know, I have to do it before it happens. I'm learning, slowly but surely.
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    Deb, I recall when I hit the big 44. I went on a serious diet and got back down to 38.

    I use a free image optimizer that you can find at www.xat.com for resizing photygrafs. It gives ya more freedom to make the pic the way ya want it and it is quick/easy. Like the man said, save the new image with a new name so ya don't lose the original. Now if I could just figger out how to insert an image on here I might put one on someday.

    BTW, HBD Deb. ;)
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    What did Bo get you ? never mind :rolleyes1:
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    Boy you are sounding awful Formal,,, Hey we is just Ramblers,
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    Thanks Dave O for this one.
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    My Olympus SP-800UZ camers resizes the pictures when you go to save them to my picture file.[ if you want] Every picture I have on this puter I have indvigually saved... The cameras program handles it ,,, now for pictures on the net, I just click on the picture to save,, and wham it is in my picture file.. If the picture is on the web, it is the right size.
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    You had better watch that paint program, you fish usually look small, without resizing... Now they will look like bait. LOL

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    Happy Birthday Debby,,,,, Are you going to get a swat for every year and one to grow on???

    Here is David aka Little Griz, getting some birthday swats from Pits. LOL

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    First off...

    Have a good one...

    Now, if you want, you can adjust your camera or phone, what ever you use, to make the picture a size that works on here.
    I just resized my camera phone to a lower size so it will work same as it always did.
    My guess is Jimbo and Dallas have that set already.
    It is different from what it used to be.
    I'v uploaded pics 3123x2342, that is what my avatar was. As long as it was not bigger than a meg, it posted...YSWM
    Everyone has different programs with their brand of camera...
    I will try the one DanG suggested.
    I like to try new things at least once...KWIM

    If the pic is the right size, you don't have to go through the "manage attachments" thingy.
    When we use the "insert image" icon while writing a post, it goes into that attachment folder. All your pics that you post are in there.
    You can delete them later on if you start running out of storage space that is alloted to you.
    That's why I can't post the HMW screwing my wood in the back yard for Dave O', cause I deleted it and can't find it on my computer anymore.

    Garbage day, it's all out by the road.
    I sure like our trash compactor, one bag a week as long as the rest of the people in my family follows what I told them. No liquids in the GD thing.
    Don't use those paper liners, found the plastic heavy bags for it. Much cheaper and easier to use. Those paper liners are a POS...

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    I adjusted my camera rather than jumps thru the hoops and I'm back in business. Take a peek at Skip with a cat he caught yesterday.