pool noodles for jug lines

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    im thinking of trying something new to me this year. and it is using a piece of pool noodle tied to sum string with 4 or 5 hooks and a weight on the bottom. but am wondering how much weight to use so a big cat wont drag it off. or hold the noodle down for a long time. we dont have blue cats in my lake. so usually dont catch nothin over 12 lbs. any body try this before? any tips? thanks
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    The noodles are all I use. I got the kits from Wild Wolf and made mine. For a weight I use a Yogurt cup filled with cement. They can drag them but not very far. I have caught cats up to 35 Lbs. and they can't keep the noodle down very long. Furthest I have ever had one go is about 200 yds. It was a 30 lb. Blue in about 20' of water with a gravel bottom.

  3. i have made 10 of these there easy to make and can keep all 10 in a 5 gal bucket /i also made a hook stick with a 1 x 2 4 1/2 ft long that can be kept in the rear of the boat/ i just cut a knotch on the end so i can grab the line just under the noodle to retrive them/ as im by myself a lot of times
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    I use the thick pool noodles in 10 in. 30-50lb test in 4 and 5 ft sections. about a ft I criss cross the middle of the noodle and tie it off. gives you 3 and 4 ft leaders. use a 2/0 Kahle hook. I do not use weight. to much to tangle and if your watching your jugs they wont go far. that noodle will wear out a big fish soon. great way to fish and they will fit real nice in a milk crate, hook can be stored on the end of noodle for storage. for added bonus you can take shiny silver duct(air ducting) tape and wrap around one end. show up real nice on a spot light. good luck.
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    If you are going to anchor your jugs,, give them an extra 10 - 20 feet of line,,,, I lost an old cast iron window weight and the jug as the cat pulled the weight to deeper water and I could not find the jug,,

    It was under water, stained water,,,

    Or make sure your jug can float the weight,,, lol,,

    I only use free floating jugs now,,, I run about 22 -25,,, any more and it is WORK.

    Mine are cut from a sheet of foam,, I'm too cheap to buy noodles,

    jug2 005.jpg jug2 009.jpg reeljug 011.jpg
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    I use the small noodles. I put a 1/2 inch pvc pipe through them and cap both ends. Tie what ever length line you want on one end with a small weight on the bottom to keep the jugs from drifting against the bank. I use trot line clips with 18 inch drop lines and place them at the depth I want. The noodles are good and tight on the pvc. once a year I cut the old noodles off if needed and slide a new one on. Noodles need to fit tight to hold them in place. some people use a pvc twice as long as the noodle and put a weight in the pvc so if You get a hit the jug will remain standing. I don't like that personally because a hit don't mean a fish. You will know if you get a fish for sure. I only use 18 jugs because they fit well in a milk case and can be kept up with easily. Too many jugs become work.
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    I use both anchored and drifting.

    I use what I call "fat boy" noodles for the anchored model. They are something like 3.5 inches in diameter with a 3/4 inch hole.

    Standard pool noodles are like 2 and 3/8s inch or maybe a half depending on where you get them from. They are much more common than the FAT boy noodles that I have only been able to get at walmart. Lots of standard noodles have different outsides and inside dimensions so you need to be careful what you get.

    Both my anchored and drifting variants are flagging.

    Fat boys use 20 inch capped 3/4 electrical conduit PVC. 8 inch of foam, and 4 inches of 5/8s rebar for the flagging weight. I use a rail road spike for an anchor, they are about 11 or 12 ounces. I feel like I could go heavier. You don't want to get so much anchor weight that it will sink the jug.

    Drifting use 20 inch capped 1/2 electrical conduit PVC. 8 inches of foam, and 6 inches of 3/8th rebar for flagging weight.

    Don't use eye screw or bolts on them. It is just overcomplicating things with no benefit

    .If I was going to use more than 2-3 hooks, I wouldn't mess with a flagging jug because to me, that sounds more like a traditional "overnight" setline. A flagging jug will just be a signal to thieves. It would also be hard to build a flagging model with the capacity that I would think you would want with a 4-5 hooks setup.I have some 2.5 or 3 gallon chemical jugs that would make great 4-5 hook "juglines" or "vertical trotline". They just had calcium supplement in them, so they aren't toxic and i wash them out really well because I use them to water plants in the summer. At 8lbs to the gallon, a 3 gallon jug would have 24 lbs of bouyancy. You could make a fairly heavy anchor and they wouldn't move very far even with a big fish on.

    I would also use clips to put the hooks on if you have more than 2 drops. Doesn't have to be a big fish, you could just be pulling up that 5 lb anchor and have it slip out of your hand and now you just got a hook ran in the back of your knee or your side. Wouldn't be fun at all.

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    Swim noodles are all I use now.They are just so much easier to store than actual jugs. For weights we use the bottom 4" or so of a 2 litre botte filled with concrete. I always weight my jugs. I use a slight variation of the pvc pipe method. I use 1/2 or 3/4" depending on the diameter of the hole through the noodle. The bottom of the pipe I leave open. The top side I glue a tee. I run the string up through the bottom then out one side of the tee. I pull enough string through to run the string through the opposite side of the tee straight through and back out beside where the string originally came out of the tee. I make the knot and then pull the string from the bottom of the pipe pulling the knot back into the pipe. I use 300# test. I have the best success with 12/0 Mustad circle hooks.
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    Hey I forgot to mention the easy way to keep your jugs together.

    Take a screwdriver and get her hot,,, push it threw the jugs making a nice hole... Then get you a long stringer and string em up,,, they stay together nice and won't blow out of the boat,, you take them off one at a time as you need them.

    I usually use 8/0 - 10/0 hooks.
  10. I have 50 with pvc pipe and keep them in a large zipped up black duffle bag!