Pline Cxx snell knot prob

Discussion in 'Fishing Line Review' started by bro250r, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. bro250r

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    I got some of the CXX to try in 30lb. But when snelling it seems to slip and not bite down on the shank like other co-polymers I've tried. And that with 7 wraps. Anyone else have this problem? Other knots seem to hold good just not comfortable with the way it snells.
  2. Catpaw

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    You need to wet that line good before you pull the knot tight

  3. X2,, That 30# will snug down tighter than a tick on a bloodhound:laugh::coffee:
  4. bro250r

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    I always put a good bit of spit on it before drawing it up. Might be the type of snell I'm useing.
  5. It is kind of a hard line with quite a bit of memory, extend your tag end out about a " or more, then wet and clinch down, then trim the tag.
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  7. #1,

    but I tie mine a little different,,You can also tie a knot in the tag end and then pull your main line to tighten it and the knot will snug up against the bottom of the snell,, It will not slip on you no more.
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    Thanks Kenny. Im going to test some more and see how they come out.