Piranha caught on the Cumberland River

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by TNBigCat, Aug 25, 2006.

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    That is weird! You never know what you might catch.

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    this kinda lke the post DH posted about the ocipus being caught in the ohio river i think
  4. A few years back, there were three Piranha's caught in the Arkansas River around Tulsa.
    They said they thought someone had them as pets and got tired of them and dumped them in the river?

    Now day's, you never know what your going to catch?

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    My local lake(Grapevine lake) supposedly has had pirahna pulled out. And the Texas Parks and wildlife website has a listing for red belly picu which i believe is either a relative of the pirahana or another name for one.

    edit -

    After doing some searching I found a website saying they are not pirahan but closely related, but more vegaterian than pirahana
  6. He must have been using a super small hook cuz that things mouth was tiny. People need to be more wise in releasing potential environment dangering fish.
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    keep your toes out of the water. lol
  8. I bet that dang gone whistler stocked it in there, just cause when I come down there its going to eat my fishing line so I can't catch any fish, I know what he is up too..lol
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    PEople have to have something no one else has so they buy a fish like that or maybe a snake after awhile they get tired of it so they go releaseit in the wild they should be put under the jail:angry:
  10. Some people can be so ignorant! You have to wonder if it ever crosses their minds that they are putting people or the enviroment in danger by releasing exotic pets into the wild! They should be flogged! The problem is catching them. Its too bad the cops can't get fingerprints off the released pets!
  11. just looks like a big piece of bait to me... or many if you cut it up... although i'd rather see the people who threw it in there just toss it in my bait bucket or cooler straight off rather then just letting it go but hey.... i don't know them, they don't know me...