Pics of your Bank fishing arrangement!

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  1. I thought it would be neat to see pics of other member's bank fishing gear in action. Stuff like rod holders, camp chairs, coolers, etc. Whatever you have on the bank for a day (or night) or catting.

    Basically a photo of you in action (or in-action)! Since my boys and I are putting together our bank fishing gear, I'd like a few ideas from others to make our outing comfortable and relaxing. Many thanks in advance.
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    I dont bank fish much anymore because I have a boat but when I do its something like this.

    DSCN9539.jpg DSCN9538.jpg IMAG0014.jpg DSCN9572.jpg DSCN9555.jpg

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    mark thats the best fishing rig ive ever seen for pulling to the water, fishing off of and transporting gear. if i could get my truck down to the bank id definitely go with one of those. thats just awesome
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    Nothing spectacular really. Except for the results. lol

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    Not much too my setup...couple pieces of pipe off of an old shopvac, buckets, lawnchairs and a cooler.
    This winter, added rod holders(setters) for the setters:smile1: and painted a lantern. Think I'll add a muck cart. If it will work?
    img9656939.jpg DSCN3183_01.JPG
  8. IMAG0004.jpg Everything I use I haul out to the banks with my modified golf caddy.

    It carries 4 combos, table, folding chair,catch bucket, bait bucket,rod holders, net and a few other small items. All my tackle goes into a backpack which is caarried as such.

    082812_0906[01].jpg 082812_0906[00].jpg

    The rods are PVC tubes with aluminum angle stakes. The net is held at ready using one of those coil style rod holders you get at walmart. I also use one of those near my little bait table (in the one pic its bairly visible behind the cart and backpack) as a holder for the rod I am baiting, unhooking a fish or re-tying a rig. It keeps it out of the dirt. The table is a modified metal frame tv table with a larger table surface.
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    Great thread, very interesting. I'd really like to get some of those european style rod holders that keep your rods tips close to the water. I fish mostly under bridges or on jetties and rebar and pvc rod launchers dont really work. Hope more pics get posted.
  10. Mines pretty simple. 5gal bucket, 2 pvc pipes drilled into it with rubber washers to keep the bucket from leaking. Fill the bucket with water which gives you 30-40#s of weight. Toss the line out, pop the rods in and set tge "hook, set, pro" and sit back and wait. The hook set pro is really a nice gadget if you aren't always around your rods. It won't pick up on the super tiny bites, but since I use circle hooks, once a fish takes it, the rest is history.



  11. #8 me fightn a pi&.jpg I faught the catfish and i won!.jpg the pretty pink hat GoneFishing gave me.jpg

  12. 'Rod Pods' as they are called are pretty neat. But using them would require the use of standard J hooks or kahles as circle hooks would have a very hard time working under this technique. You can get some at a pretty decent price, without the alarms. Just do a search for rod pods, carp fishing and you will find several places to get them here in the US.
  13. my old set up
    TACKLE BOX.jpg

    I'll try to get a picture of the new set up later
  14. HERE

    tackle box.JPG
  15. Here is my bank setup, works great for me.

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  16. Some great set-ups so far! Gives me a few ideas.
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    In Ohio, we are only allowed two fishing rods per angler so here are some pictures of two different rod holder for soft ground and the other for concrete, rip rap, gravel or uneven banks. In the water you can see a Lindy Bait Tamer and off to the side is European-style landing net made for big catfish/carp and a unhooking mat so the fish's bellies don't get scarred up on rocks.

    I like the rod rests for softer ground 'cause they are made of heavy steel rod and welded with a triangular plate that goes below ground level and keeps everything from turning and there's a "post" at the back you can step on to really sink them in the ground...even if there's some gravel.

    The other one is a European style "rod pod" with adjustable legs and I use on all other terrain...which is mostly where I fish.

    Good fishing,

    rod-rest-web.jpg bank-set-up-european-web.jpg bank-set-up-american-reduce.jpg
  18. I to fish with a rod pod , great piece of equipment
    there is never a flat let alone nice spot to set up.
    Have even set it up in the water just pulled the legs up
    to keep the reels out of the water.
    Sorry no pics , didn't figure that out yet