New Personal Best Blue Catfish From Lake Monticello

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    Captain Rodger Taylor and myself decided to spend New Years Eve on Lake Monticello fishing today. We saw Captain Chris Simpson at the boat ramp meeting up with a guide party that he was taking out. The weather was awesome with light winds, partly cloudy sky's, and highs in the 50's. The lake temperature was around 55 degrees.

    The first spot started off with a bang. After about 30 minutes of being anchored I got a slow pull down that looked like a big fish. The rod tip got within a few inches of the water, and then POP! The fish was gone as the bait pulled loose. We let them continue to soak, and about 15 minutes later the rod folded over again. This time the fish was hook and hooked good.

    I decided to have some fun today, so I was fishing with my striper rods. The medium-light action striper rods have landed 30-40 pound fish before, so I figured it would be fun to hook into some teeners and 20 pound class fish on the lighter tackle.

    Well, this fish was a little bigger.

    After about two good pulls and a couple of cranks I knew we needed the net. Capt Taylor manned the net and waited for the fish to surface. I told Rodger it was a good fish and would probably top the 30 pound mark. As soon as it was in the net we both realized this was a 50 pound class fish.

    My 100 pound scales got another workout. We weighed the fish out of the net and it came in at 61.5 pounds. For me, it was an all time personal best blue catfish

    If you want to catch a fish like this, you can catch this exact fish. It was released ALIVE back into Lake Monticello after a trip to the scales and some pictures.

    A special thanks to Captain Rodger Taylor for the "special bait" today that brought the fish in, some awesome pictures, and for doing a great net job. Also, a BIG THANKS to Captain Chris Simpson for sharing some of his knowledge earlier this year about fishing Lake Monticello. The experience of fishing with him gave me confidence to do some things on that lake that I would not have done otherwise done.

    What a way to close out 2010!!!!

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  2. Congrats Boss!!!!

  3. skip brown

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    Congratulations, that is one ---- of a fish to end the year on..................
  4. Jollymon

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    Dieter congrads on a great finish for 2010 , now you just need to get a bigger one in 2011 .LOL
  5. JimmyJonny

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    oh hell...this aint gonna help me on that line thread is it ?,,,,,LOL. all chit set a side, congrats, that's a hell of a fish.

    That blue is holding one ugly cat is all gotta say...awsome pic ; )~

  6. greg

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    Yawn........ An experienced angler like yourself should know better than fishing for anything with Med light tackle. Oh well all you caught was a few minnows lol
    All kidding aside, those fish get the heart a pumping don't they.

    P.S Maybe you should schedule a few more non fishing Biologists to have a couple seminars about something they have no clue about. I am available for hire if the price is right.
  7. Damn nice fish! Congrats, Dieter!!

    Bill in SC
  8. Great way to end the year, Dieter - Congrats!!!!!!!
  9. congrats on the nice fish
  10. That is huge!!! Ah that is inspirational and I hope I am the next one to battle a beast like that...Congratulations and Happy New Year!!!
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    Congrats on a great end for the year!!
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    Thanks for the detailed post! This is truly a good little fish story and inspirational, too!
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    Congrats! Excellent catch! Happy New Year!!!
  14. martygreen

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    About dang time you broke that PB for yourself.You were supposed to be using a 12' B&M Crappie Pole and 4 lb test though.Why would you use such heavy equipment at Monticello?

    All kidding aside,Congrats on a Pig of a Fish.Thats a nice one for sure.

    PS-My phone does ring and I accept text if you wanna share some info on this "New Bait"!
  15. Congrats on a great fish!
  16. slojam

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    beauty of a fish Dietor,had to be loads of fun on the striper rods.(that's pretty much all i use,m/l ugly stripers & similar but i don't normally target those huge fish like y'all :).congrats on the pb and a great end to the year for you.hope the new year holds more personal bests..jim.
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    Congrats Brother!!!
  18. Methinks the "secret bait" is none other that the "Lucky Scrimps"! :)
  19. There ya go, Dieter. Nice fish. We need to hook up sometime and go fishing. I love your reports and stories.
  20. Congratulations