Need some help locating a fishin reel. (johnson scorpion) - help appreciated.

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by OneBigArsMistakeA, May 11, 2011.

  1. Hello fellow catfish hunters!

    I've started a quest to find a supply of the Johnson Scorpion reels, those 10$ reels from wal mart with a the two ball bearings. They aren't the best reel in the world and I realize that, however for our lake and occasional river fishing they're perfect for my use (fish under 7lbs).

    If you could help me find somewhere selling them online I would be very appreciative, so much in fact I'll give you a cookie!:>.

    I have one rod with this reel, no issues at all and I'm one to have matching gear whenever possible so if you find a few of these reels for sale online would you be so kind as to reply to this thread or message me a link? Our local walmart has stopped carrying them :( and Kmart never carried them in my area.
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