Mounting Permanent Seats in a Jon Boat

Discussion in 'Boat Modification Journal' started by Hawk33, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. Hawk33

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    I was wondering how I can mount seats in my jon boat???

    Can I get base's and sheet metal screw them, would that be enough security to hold through the years of abuse...>?<

    Here's a pic of my boat about a year ago, i got everything setup except permanent seat mounts. "The clamp on seat's suck" !!!

    This pic is when i first got my boat !!! " I figured it would be easier to see from the beginning...


    HAWK :big_smile:

    Any info would be appreciated !!!
  2. oh no

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    Big tec screws will hold anything. Get the big ones with the 3/8s head. I love tec screws. :big_smile:

  3. If your plans do not include pedestals, i.e. just seats and bases, large stainless steel sheet metal screws (14x1") will work just fine. Avoid fasteners that are not ss.

    Pedestals change everything. Here's a thread on mounting rod holders that addresses "blind" fasteners. You should find it helpful.

    Btw, the clamp-on bases are pretty handy for trying out seat locations before installing permanent bases.
  4. cantstopgrandma

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    I'm curious about this too. Looking at seats for my jon boat also. Like has been already mentioned remember to use Stainless Steel screws on that aluminum'll save you headaches down the road (i.e. holes in your boat from corrosion:crazy:).
  5. Big Dav

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    Here are a couple of opions for a way to mount the seats with a little versatility.
    Follow the link that Dave posted above for some good information on threadserts, etc for fastening them to anywhere you can not access the back side.
    Here are the pictures of the mounts.

    Hope this helps,

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  6. Hawk33

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    I was thinking about using pedestal's...

    I was thinking mounting the pedestal base, and using a male adapter bolted to the seat. "I have no need for extension rods"

    i want to mount a pedestal base on the rear bench seat, and also on both sides of the livewell. that way when i fish from the rear of the boat i'll have the entire back open for fishing. Hope this makes since.

    Base's would look like this

    male adapter would look like this

    This way i can remove the seat's easliy or change them around if needed..

    Appreciate the feedback i hope all this makes since to you all !!!

  7. What I call pedestals, you call extension rods.:smile2:In any case, they can put a lot of stress on the bases, and associated fasteners.

    With just the base and adapter, that's not so much of a problem...unless you really plan on abusing the seat, screws should be fine. Be aware that the aluminum the seat is made of will be pretty thin...maybe .070", or so...easy does it on those screws.

    Those components you linked are available at WalMart, btw.
  8. The seats come with threaded inserts pressed into the bottom of the seat that you use to bolt the base on with. It is my experience to just go ahead and take them out when they are new. Take the cushion off the seat and drill holes all the way through the bottom of the seat where the inserts were. Use 1/4" bolts, washers and lock nuts to go all the way through the bottom of the seat and hold the base on. Then put the cushion back on. If you can only afford the cheap seats like me, the threaded inserts do not last. Maybe the expensive seats are a little better in this area.
  9. cantstopgrandma

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    Been there done that....its no fun sitting in the seat, leaning towards the water and having that clamp slip.......almost fell in last year this way. I didnt find it as funny as my wife did.
  10. BKS72

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    If you can get to the underside of what you're mounting them to, I'd through bolt them with a nut and washer. Tek screws will work but as Katmandeaux said, the aluminum is thin and they'll tend to strip or pull out after a while of leaning back in the seat.
  11. I added 1/8th" plate across the top where I mounted the ped style (female) receivers , just to beef up the metal, other wise the will get "sloppy" and yes I agree with you about being able to remove them to open the back up better makes much more open space. By the way nice looking boat ya got there. Would also tell ya that the mounting your looking at is what I went with and after the 1st season I added a piece of plating under the seat form itself, even the $100 fold seats get weak and will scrape on the bench tops.
  12. I agree. That is a nice boat
  13. i agree...they look totally cheap, and they look like they dont hold.
  14. Hawk, I have installed the Bass Pro deck bases on two different boats. A little costly, but once installed I found them worth the money.

    I found it much easier to mount a seat on the Kingpin seat mount than on a cheaper seat swivel mount.

    On both boats I had wooden seats that made instualtion fairly easy. One boat's seats were removeable so thru bolting was easy. with the other I was able to reach underneath the seat to install thru bolts.

    One thing to will have to drill or cut a fairly large hole in the seat for the center of the deck base to fit flat on the seat. If you are interested I can measure the hole and let you know how big.

    If you have any questions let me know.


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  15. Fishhead1

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    Google "nutserts". They are a great way to mount things such as this. You then can use an actual bolt w/ a lock washer if you want and the bolt has actualy threads to grip on to instead of 1/8th inch of aluminum.
  16. ouachita

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    My buddy attached his seat bases to his jon using the biggest pop rivets he could get in there and hasn't had any problems with them pulling out. These work great if you can't get access to the backside.
  17. jerry w

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    going thru all this with my new boat, very good reading . thanks