Money for fishing sinker lead - best place to buy?

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  1. I got a couple of sinker molds for x-mas 345oz no-roll, 12345oz egg (do-it). And I was wondering on average what do you guys give for lead? From what Ive seen so far on the boc you guys are giving next to nuthing for tire weights. I went to one of the local tire shops and they told me $25 for a 5gallon bucket. :eek: I walked out and went across town to the other shop but they were busy. I'll go back later and ask them, if nuthing else I'll go back to the first place and make an offer. I also seen that sal said he could get 60-80 # of new weights for like $3 is this right? I was so shocked at the $25 bucket I forgot to ask. :0a35:
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    Going rate for wheel weights is around $.17 a #. 25 bucks may not be to far off if its full but I would have a tuff time lifting it and if they are going to charge you that much make sure they are clean (no valve stems or other garbage).

  3. Brandon

    Go up to Stilwell, there is a metal fab shop up there, its been awhile since I have been home but I think it next to the place they keep the school buses, its off of metcalf. If they dont have any there try Custom Alignment its in Stilwell on Metcalf.

  4. Guess I am lucky, got two places here that are saving it for me, and its FREE. They even carry it out and put it in the back of my truck for me. Glad they do that, I would have to carry it out by the coffee can. Am not allowed to lift very much. Got one more place I am going to check on also. Should have enough of it this year to last me for as long as I can fish. I'm not melting them down though, using them as disposables if I get hung up, I'm a walking accident so don't need to go to a burn unit....LOL
  5. I was told a 5 gallon bucket of lead weighs around 90#s witch would be around .30 per # I would almost bet I could get em to take $20 but Im gonna keep looking before I part with the cash.
    Chris, my cousin told me to head up that way too I think he said one of the guettermans that he new baught the tire shop were you are talking about,said he or I could probally could get it there.
  6. The best lead is plumbers lead if you have a buddy who is in construction who may be able to get it for you. My friend is a handy man, and is a very reliable source for good quality plumbers lead. I always make sure that he doesn't ever have to buy sinkers. The wheel weights from tire shops will work, but they have impurities in them. When you melt them in your furnace...skim the top of the heated lead before you pour to get rid of most of them.
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    I use wheel weights, but catcaller is right, there's a lot of slag and you have to pick out the steel mounting clips. They are also a harder alloy and you have to get them HOT to get a good pour. No-rolls and eggs should pour ok, but with 5oz bank sinkers, it's tough to get the top of the eye to pour right before the lead gets cold. All that being said, I just stopped by a tire place and they gave me a 5 gal bucket. I'd try one of the chains like NTB or something. Also, ask for a card on the way out and assure them you'll be seeing them when you need tires.

    I've also bought lead on ebay and I think it was about a buck a pound. A lot of it is from stained glass makers and things, so it's good soft lead and pours great and melts relatively cool because it's almost pure lead. I got the wheel weights because I hated to pay freight on lead :)

    If you know of any industrial battery places or forklift dealers, give them a call. They buy soft lead bars for battery post repairs. Melts and pours nice.

    Good luck,

  8. I buy pure lead from a scrap yard for .25 #. I use it for small sinkers like jigs, split shot and pinch-ons. I get battery termials and wheel weight for heavy sinkers, or one piece sinkers. most of the time for free.
    I melt the lead in a pot on a stove outside, pour it up into ingots, then melt it down later in a production pot.
    Everytime you melt lead, you get a little more trash out of it.
    Pure lead ingots are sold in 5# brick. They are 9.00 each or buy the 5 connecting brick for 7.50. Only one hardware store here sales them. Not many calls for them anymore with plumbers using pvc.
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    The first time I went to tire shops they told me either they will give me a small coffee can full for free or x amount of money for a big bucket full. It's amazing though how much free lead you can get with a couple bags of fresh catfish fillets. If you have some extra fillets in the freezer see if they will do a little trading, it's worked well for me.
  10. I have used catfish fillets to barter for things ranging from Chick-Fil-A batter to ensuring that the late vacation day I applied for at work goes through on time and gets approved. ;)

    It's amazing how many people don't fish...but yet love to eat fish. It's something I certainly couldn't fathom for myself...but it is handy to have an option to trade for something that might ordinarily not be for sale.
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    The last 5 gal bucket of lead I got was free but it did have valve stems and tire stickers mixed in it.
  12. Just ask around different tire places. They give it away. Tell them your making sinkers and I got bucket fulls for free. I take some sinkers back to the guy who gave them to me so he will hold them for me.
  13. The tire shops are stuck-up here in Russellville, I have ask several to save me the tire weight I have gotten all kind of answers from we reuse the weights to we have clients that get the weights already.
  14. The Lead price here has went up from 25cents to .51 cents a pound,in
    the last couple of weeks.I had one place i get it free from,said they are going to start selling it to the scrap yard.
  15. well honestly in my oppinion $25 is high. now if the bucket is full its a lot more than 90#. prob 120 or so. last time i got em it was 3/4 full and got 45 2 to 1 1/2 # ingots from it. what they do here is i go to caseys while they get em ready and i pick them up an 18 pack of beer. then i get them with smiles. so lets say i pay #12.99 for 90 -100 # but its really a barter lol. and ya theres usually lots of stems and popcans in the mix. so for $25 ide be picky or just go else where. try beer.
  16. Will somebody explain where the 18 pack came from?
    I want to get drunk but not real drunk? Jeremy, you doing good on the lead end.
  17. keep searching bro. you should be able to find a tire shop thats giving them away. if the price of lead is going way up its a matter of time before we will all be paying for it.
  18. Thanks for the input guys I'll keep looking. I'm trying not to give too mutch for lead but I'm getting pretty anxious to start cranking out some sinkers, springs right around the corner.
  19. I checked out ebay this morning.
    If you want to buy clean lead, there are some to be found.
    But it will cost you a bit. With shipping, less than a dollar per pound.
    Go into terminal tackle, enter lead in search, then click.
    If you search lead at the start, you get lead for sinkers and bullets,
    and lead ropes for livestock.
    Check out some of the bids on sinkers while in there,
    sometimes you can get sinkers cheaper than ingots.

    At the scrapyard, the box is filled with wheeel weights and other scrap lead.
    Do you want pure lead or wheel weights?
  20. I'm pouring big weights so whatever I can get cheeeep or free. I herd the price of lead went up to 50 some cents a pound so I'm gonna get out today and get whatever I can before the word gets out and they start wanting too mutch.