Missouri - east side report 2017

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  1. catman872

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    was anyone able to get out in this beautiful weather today? Sure wish i was fishing instead of working today.
  2. What a good day to be on the water! What was the water temp? I'd guess it's about time to start looking at areas with a little more current.

  3. Water was 45-48 degrees. A couple degrees warmer behind the dikes. I am likely going to hit it again Sunday afternoon. I have to set up and work a DU banquet Saturday. Free beer. Probably will move downstream a few miles and explore some new water.
  4. Derhake

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    I would like to introduce myself. I am new to the forum but have been looking through and reading it for a couple years. It has taken some time to get signed up. I am located in St. Louis.
  5. Derhake

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    I was out on the water this weekend up from St Charles. It seems there are less and less fish behind the dikes where i was seeing them in early Feb. I am starting to find some on the edges of the main channel. Water temp was in ~46 degrees.
  6. Welcome! I'm just a ramp or two up up from you normally.
  7. vortex

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    Gonna be in St Charles next weekend. Awful tempting to bring the gear and fish while the wife does her things during the day.
  8. arky

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    Jake the fish are moving from the holes to the mud flats this time of year. It is "skinny water " time... red buds blooming!
  9. Derhake

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    I was going by water temp as to when they would start moving out. It made it up to 49 a couple weeks ago and now is back down a couple degrees
  10. Derhake

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    Are you talking public ramps like Weldon springs and Klondike?
  11. Yep. Live 5-10 miles from the river but have to drive 45 minutes to put in. Stupid not to have a ramp between Columbia bottoms and Washington on the STL side, but that's a gripe for another day. I can see Labadie stacks from my deck and can put in under the Arch in less time than it takes to get to Weldon or Klondike.
  12. vortex

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    I hear ya Sam. There's several places within the state where it's dumb that there isn't a ramp. Sure could quicken a water rescue, let alone make it easier to find a ramp without driving an hour.
  13. Got out today for a bit this afternoon. Put 3 blues and a flathead in the boat, plus had a couple come unbuttoned. . Today there was no tap-tap, today. It was rod down!

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  14. Good job Greg what structure?
  15. Good Report, Nice to see someone catch a flathead .. This Rain we got should help out. Thinking about hitting the North Grand tomorrow. Keep the Reports coming Thanks!
  16. Just upstream from that old sunken barge...:wink1::coffee:
  17. SHOWME

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    Nice fish Greg! Maybe this is YOUR YEAR!!!
  18. Nice.
  19. the blues

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    Look out east side, big raise coming.
  20. vortex

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    My gauge is 9.25 now, headed to 16 on Saturday afternoon. 10ft rise in about a week. That ought to get things moving.