Mississippi River fish - what is safe to eat?

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    I keep reading reports on what fish are safe to eat from the Mississippi River and how much one should consume. Does anyone know how this kind of data is collected? Seems to be a lot of emphasis in the mercury content in fish and catfish being a bottom dweller is always on the list.
  2. Some of the Miss guys are at a gathering at Tunica this week and weekend they should be ack on around the 4th....

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    from what I've read, samples of fish are taken on a yearly basis from most all large bodies of water and tested for the presence of contaminants like mercury and chlordane (an ingredient in pesticides). I personally do not make a regular habit of eating fish I catch from the river. I will eat them about once a year or so. You can see more info. here http://www.tnfish.org/ContaminantsInFishAdvisories_TWRA/FishFleshConsumptionAdvisories_TWRA.htm keep in mind that these and other contaminants are also found in store bought fish as well, especially those imported from China and sold in practically every restaurant these days.
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    If you are looking to catch some eaters, I would plan a trip to a nearby lake. I dont eat any fish out of the rivers.
  5. DO NOT EAT ANY KIND OF FISH IN THE RIVER! to much oil, mercury, and its just dirty. a general rule.
  6. Carter and Walt if you look at the link I posted you will see that nearly every major body of water in Ms. has some type of toxin in it. There are sections of the river that you should not eat any fish from but in general south of the Ms state line is ok for average size fish. The toxins are more concentrated in the larger fish and has had a longer time to build up to dangerous levels. To be honest with you any fish you eat no matter where it came from has some type of toxin in it, granted the levels may be very low but it is there.

    Doug I see that you are from Mo. you should check this site for your area. http://www.health.mo.gov/living/environment/fishadvisory/index.php I want you to have the facts because you will get alot of personal opinion on this from everyone . When you are empowered with the facts then you can form your own opinion and make the choice as to eat them or not.

    Walt here is a link to the list for your state http://www.wvdhhr.org/fish/Current_Advisories.asp

    Like I said ALL FISH I hope this clears up things for you!!
  7. I almost forgot, if you trim off all the fatty areas and red meat your fish will have far less toxins and it will have a much better taste. This causes you to have less meat but it is much better for you.
  8. I eat them on occasion and have all my almost 50 years. I know some who know me might think that is where my problems began.:bruised: I have an old man at church I bring them too a couple of times a year. He has eaten them for 80 plus years and likes them better than other catfish although I wouldn't go that far myself. His favorite saying is just enough PCB's and mercury to make them taste good.:roflmao: My OPINION and that only is in moderation no real issues with smallers ones.
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    Charles......awesome link. Very good info to know. Myself I do eat a few channels from the river but never anything of size. What we call the 'eaters' I fillet every bit of the yellow, red (if any at all), and fatty bellies from them as well. On that map I also noticed that bass and walleye in the state in general are listed with a higher precaution and less consumption. Our Dept of Conservation publishes these facts from time to time but that link is much easier to mark and find. Thanks again, much appreciated.
  10. Glad I could help
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    Doug, I am 60 and have been eating fish from the Miss. river all my life. Other than the third testicle and the short toe on my heals I havnt noticed any problems with it.:eek1:
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