Ming Yang Reels review??

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  1. Anyone own a ming yang reel? likes?? dislikes?
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    Where have you been bro? Alot of us own them and we love them minus the weak, quiet clicker. If Jeremy sells his version again, then you can purchase one with an excellent clicker. As far as performance you can land anything with them. They cast great and have a good drag. Do a search for Ming Yang and you should get quite a few of them.

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    There you go Sticky. Ramon just saved a bunch of us time by posting the truth. Thanks Ramon
  4. been under the abu bus way to long
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    Greg the 2-speed is great. 1 problem though, all my buddies like it even more. They arent the most experienced baitcast casters, so since my 6500C3, 6600C3 and 2-speed have the little line blocker on it, they can cast them without backlashing and they cast pretty far, so I never get to use them lol 21LBs is the biggest so far lol. It performs flawlessly and as soon as a 40+ is caught on it I will let you know bro. Thanks for a quality product once again. If I save up a little more I may get that IC3 from you
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    Ive used the ming-yangs with a buddy and I was impressed (i run 7000c3i's) I have a rod that needs a real and it will be getting a ming-yang after using his. Cast's well and looks good (so does the price)
  7. My bro (GwillE) and a friend (Aces70#er) have them and they both love'em...they say casting is a breeze

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    I just bought 2 of the CL 70's, I cant wait to get out and fish with em! I'll let you know what I think after i get them out.
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    I see all this talk about the ming yang cl60 and cl70 I just ordered me a cl80 whats everyones thoughts on it?
  10. I have a couple of the CL60's and I think they are big. Those CL80's must be huge!

    As long as they are made like the 60's, I think you will like them just fine. Also, I hope you got a newer stock item, and not something that's been there for a while. Hopefully they have the newer clickers on them. The worst thing about past Mings were the weak clickers.
  11. mastangs64501

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    Well I ordered me a cl70 and they sent me an email saying they were out of stock for 2 weeks and I could wait or they would send me a cl80 for the same price so I hope i made the right choice.....
  12. ramon06

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    yeah I imagine a CL80 being big, I like have a few CL60s and CL70s and the 70 is plenty big. Be sure to give us a review.
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    I have the CL-70 and the clicker is plenty loud. Mine is not the Tangling with catfish reel. Im wondering if it's the CL-60 that has the quiet clicker?
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  14. I see all these positive remarks about the ming yang reels and as I don't know anyone with one I guess I'll have to order one just to check it out. Always looking for a deal and heck a guy can't have too much fishing gear right?
  15. Don, with what they can be bought for, you really can't go wrong. And no, I do not believe it is possible to have too much gear.:smile1:
  16. Thanks for the info fellas. I've asked a few of my buddies and none of them have a Ming Yang. I guest I'll be the first:snicker:. As long as I can convince "the boss".
  17. With the price being so cheap, it should be an easy sell!:cowboy:

    Just tell "the boss" that you want to get a couple of Ambassadeurs...show her the prices...and then go back in a day and say that you decided to go with a different reel. :smile-big: When "the boss" sees that you can get 2 of the others for less than the cost of one of the Abu's, it should help a bunch.
  18. mastangs64501

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    Well everyone I got my cl80 today and wow what a monster its HUGE. So now im in a hard place and have to find me a bigger rod to handle this beast. Had it all figured out when i ordered a cl70 7' ugly stik tiger. But I have no idea what I should get to handle this reel Can anyone help?
  19. anything with a line class of 50lb plus should serve you well....Hell even smaller, I find that it is better to have a oversized reel to rod ratio anyway. I think you would be fine with a tiger rod...If you fill the reel up to potential you could apply the "baloon technique" wich is very rewarding in alot of situations!
  20. mastangs64501

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    I mounted the reel on a 7' rod and its just too big for it