Milford Lake April update

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  1. Really looking forward to the coming week, and possibly longer. My son will be coming up from Arkansas for a week or possibly longer visit. Usually he can only stay a couple of days. We'll be on the lake every day we can next week.
    Worked on cleaning up the Catoon today. Have all the electronics put back on. Still have a few minor deck things to do.
    Weathers not looking real great for all of next week, regardless, we'll be out there.
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    Shore fished for a while at Timber Creek last night. Hooked into two very good fish but both spit the hook. Other than that I had a few good bites but didn't land any fish.

    SOMEBODY's Dog decide to flip out when I made a sudden move and I ended up breaking one of my rods while trying to keep from getting bit. The dog MIGHT have belonged to the same guy who lost my anchor, but I'll let him tell the story.

    Oh well, stuff happens.

  3. We went to catch some small Channelcats to smoke yesterday, (in the smoker Jay), and managed to bring in some nice size for smoking whole, with punch bait. Shad were jumping like crazy around the shore where we fished, managed to get a couple of net fulls.
    Probably do the same again later today. Want to have a nice mess, besides the ones I have, so my Son and me can smoke up a bunch while he's here to take home. His wife always make some delicious Muscadine jelly every year, I've always asked her to make some Muscadine wine. She always turned me down, but not this year. She loves my "Smoked Catfish", specially the baby ones. I told her this year, either I get some Muscadine Wine, or she don't get no Smoked Catfish:biggrin1:. My Son said she got a recipe from her aunt for the wine, I WIN:laugh:.
    And it was a beautiful afternoon, shad were jumping all over the place, Whites or Wipers were in there after them for quite awhile.
  4. 3300 CFS coming in today....
  5. I know where I would be fishing.....:wink1:

  6. Piney point????
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    Me and Bennett are sitting up north right now and I just pulled this in. 45#, beat my old PB by about 40 pounds.. Thanks to Bennett for being an awesome guide.

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  8. The Toon is ready to go. My son and me will be heading there later today, fer sure, fer sure. Definitely a hot spot!
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    That is awesome NOE.. thanks for sharing the pic. Did you get Bennett's boat all slimed up???
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    Yes he did, so now the boat has been blessed with big blue slime.

    That was a hell of a fight. 7 foot ugly stick with 20 pound test. That fish went around both anchor lines, the propeller, under the boat and around the world and Noe held on and fought it like a champ. The first time I tried to net it it bent the handle on my net.

    Other than that we only caught a couple of dinks before the water got rough but it was worth it.
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    Congrats Bennett on getting the boat blessed with slime and big fish mojo. Hope to get some of that on my boat next weekend...
  12. Go buy a lottery ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cool1:

    Good job on the slime!!!
  13. leatherpuke

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    Yeah no kidding, not to mention he was using small J hooks. I still can't believe he got that fish in.
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    Good job guys...way to break in the new boat....thanks for the picture and story...
  15. Noe, congratualations on upping your PB. Forgot to tell you yesterday. Great looking Bluecat, thanks for the picture.
  16. Michael, my oldest Son and me got on the lake yesterday. We didn't catch any picture takers, but did catch a nice mess of eater size Bluecats, I'm happy to report he caught most of them.
    It was a WINDY, choppy, muddy water day. We tried drifting first, didn't get a bite. So we anchored, after about half an hour, started getting a few hits, then when "feeding time" rolled around, we started pulling them in fairly regularly. We both came home happy, him for catching some Bluecats, me because HE caught them.:biggrin1:
  17. Sounds like a great time Jim. Hope you two have a great week together.
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    Went shore fishing with Noe and his wife last night. Only caught one small blue but we got into a mess of big Wipers. I'll post the picture of my 11 pounder as soon as my stupid phone decides to work again.

    Getting that big Wiper up Bennett's bluff was quite the challenge.:biggrin1:
  19. leatherpuke

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    After reading that last sentence I realized I probably should have worded that differently.
  20. Yeah, I'm not sure I want to see pictures of that. Eeek!!!