Meat Hunter rods

Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by KittyFisher87, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. KittyFisher87

    KittyFisher87 New Member

    Alright fellas I need some input on the meat hunters. How well would this rods do when pulling big flatheads from there homes. I really like the wraps on the handles. I just need some info.
  2. poisonpits

    poisonpits Well-Known Member

    i use them and i like them,never cought a big flat on them but have several 50s,couple 60s,and a couple 70 lb blues no trouble.course i could have probably cought them better if id a had a 3 or 400 dollar custom rod.

  3. well you lost me there with the cork. i love the chord wraps and think they are way more comfortable. and no matter how wet or slimed up they get it never slips in your hand. big factor for me since i have smaller hands.
  4. kraftjd

    kraftjd New Member

    Nothing but positive remarks for meat hunter rods. They'll do the job great.
  5. Paul,
    I don't mean to be stupid, but are you saying that you are creating a rod similar to the Meat Hunter? I would be interested in a 2-piece 12' rod with a cork handle & aluminum reel seat! Are you going to make a spinning, casting or both?

    Thanks, Shimaze
  6. ko3579

    ko3579 New Member

    You can wrap whatever handles you want with paracord, I have all my TWC rods wrapped. Best part is you can choose your own color paracord and go back to cork if you get tired of it. It works extremely well over cork, I like my cord wrap job much better than that on the catfish safari rods I have. Now, I dont think I would be wrapping my tiger rods anytime soon as the handle on those things are too thick to begin with, but it gave the TWC rods just the right touch for me.
  7. R&R

    R&R New Member

    The Main thing that attracts me to the Meat hunter Rods is the Wrapped Handles.
  8. hooked1974

    hooked1974 New Member

    If you're impressed by the Paracord handles the MeatHunters are for you... you'll be impressed, i am... The majority ofthe rods i have are TWC's and MeatHunters, i love my TWC's with cork handles and love my MeatHunters with Paracord. Best of both worlds.
  9. RayA

    RayA New Member

    Looked thru about 35-40 Meat hunter rods a while back. I had been wanting to see if these were all everybody said they were. and everything ive seen sofar is there very well made rod specally at the price. they have 1 piece rods up to 14 ft and 2 piece to 16 ft i believe..
  10. hooked1974

    hooked1974 New Member

    Yeah Ray, that's what i like about them the most, lots of options.
  11. KittyFisher87

    KittyFisher87 New Member

    Hey Paul what can u tell me about the rod ur coming out with. And how long will it take for them to be avaiable. Just curious.