Marshmallows for catfish bait

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  1. No spread a little honey or PB on top with some granola catty catty. Catfish need desert too. Got to make them biggun want the bait even if they remember the hook is on the end of it. To a big channel the desert is worth the fight. They now they are big enough to get the CPR treatment in my pond.
  2. I tried some marshmallows with garlic powder several times this year, and i didn't get one bite. I also tried them plain. They do work well for trout though.

  3. I Have never tried it before nor have heard of it until now.
  4. Screw that,them kats going to have to fight me for that!!
  5. That is one of the best bbaits advise for Catfish.....If you want to eat it they probably do too.
  6. I've caught bluegill and crappie on marshmallows before. But then again I'm pretty sure you can catchbluegill on anything.
  7. catman101

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    My neighbor kid will fish in his small pond with bread and catch channels all the time. I will have to tell him about the marshmellows
  8. I have been experimenting with marshmallows.....i dip them in melted cheese and garlic...even tried mixing them together with cereal and cheese and stuff....the idea is that is floats off the bottom...i will let you know how it works
  9. cantstopgrandma

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    I've used marshmallows once. I wanted to go catfishing but didn't have any money for bait. Looked in the kitchen and found marshmallows. I only caught one that day, but i had fun.
  10. Ive never caught a cat on them, usually marshmallows are my go to top water bait for carp.
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    I guess that goes to show that catfish will eat about anything.
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    Yes, thread a mini marshmallow on the hook, then thread a piece of nightcrawler about a half inch long above it. Repeat this until your hook is covered. The marshmallows will keep the entire bait floating. Texas rig an egg sinker and swivel. It's already been proven cats like marshmallow and nightcrawler sandwiches.
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    I've caught them on bare gold or red hooks. It's a good thing they only get as big as they do or there would be nothing else in the water! :crazy:
  14. I use a small mellow with a nice big meal worm. Crappie known to hit it too. Catch some nice channels on this set up:wink: