Mark Twain Lake??

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    I have done some crappie and catfishing up on Mark Twain in the past. My question is I don't have a boat right now, does anybody know where you can do any bank fishing around the lake? Good access points? I would like to go after cats, probably just some channels or small flats? Maybe even do some crappie fishing! I really just need some access spots! Thanks for any help you might be able to offer me!!
  2. Hey Mert... I would hit the boat ramp areas, several have coves just next to them as well as mud flats. I've pulled alot of crappie and channels close to the ramps. My first go to would be the U ramp. Wish ya the best, let us know how ya do.

  3. x2 if you were reffering to the ramp that accesses the middle fork. also there a great mudflat to fish along rt u by the clearance cannon water wholesale plant. I have seen some nice cats come from both areas. sometimes shad are in the little cove next to the boatramp, close enough that you might be able to cast net em from the bank.
    I also have seen some people catfishing around the ramp on rtBB, next to yancies salvage yard. looks like a good spot.
    most all of the banks of twain are public as is the land around twain. find an area you like on a map and walk in.
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    another good bank spot is under lick creek bridge. it is a little rough getting there but you should catch a limit of crappie and maybe a cat or two from there. fish the east side if you can
  5. The bridge over northfork on Hwy 24 has a good spot to fish deeper water of the channel or shallow flats above and below the bridge. It requires walking down rip rap to a flat that allows night fires etc.