lowrance hds 10 SI interpretation

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  1. I have one of these units, I have had it about 2 months, and still learning it. Could someone tell me exactly how to read the SI part. Hope this makes sense!
  2. nobody????

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    Brad, can you be a little more specific? What are you wanting to know? Your boat is in the middle and you are looking to the left and right of your boat.
  4. I recieved a pm from a guy who gave me a great link which was a bass fishing web site, which had some great info on humminbird, which scans the same way , very good info., thanks
  5. The 0 is the center of the boat, the black area out from each side of that is what your down scan is seeing and everything out each side from that is the structure or fish in that area. I have an HDS 8. Look at my profile I have some pics up there with explanations of what you are seeing.
    Hope that helps
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    Caption on first picture:
    "It’s a tree in submerged 1’ under the water and I hit it. That’s always nice…lol"

    Guess you'll be getting "Forward Scan" when it comes out eh? :wink:
    That's a good set of screen shots
  7. I was sure thinking that when I did hit it....lol
  8. I do not have one yet. I made the mistake of trusting a rep at cabelas and got a new unit right as they were coming out with the Side scan. He told me that the Side scan would work on the older Lowerance units. He had talked to his rep and was told that with so many running the units they they made it retro fit to via the data link (Ithink that is the name) plug. Sounded great since the unit was a stand alone unit. I plan on upgrading mid year or at the end of the season. I have done a lot of looking talking and on the water testing of the units though.
  9. i liked those sonar pics!!! wish more people would do stuff like that!!! the down scan on that lowrance is amazing!!