Looking For Someone to Fish With In OR Around St.Joseph Mo.

Discussion in 'LOCAL MISSOURI TALK' started by GFP, May 21, 2011.

  1. GFP

    GFP New Member

    I am
    Looking For Someone to Fish With In St.Joseph Mo.
    I Have a low income
    I love to fish
    But I have
    No One to Go FIshing With

    So If You Live Neer Me
    Would Like TO Have
    Some One TO Fish With
    PLease Let ME know

    I Am disabled
    but not in a
    wheel chair or anything
    i get around
    as good as anyone

    So i Can Go day or night
    just about any time or day you want

    i have good rods & reels

    all my own fishing stuff
    i do not need anyone suply it to me

    I just need some one to go fishing with

    I Would love to do some river fishing
    I Live By
    Lake Contrary
    in St. Joseph Mo.

    There is not many catfish
    in Lake Contrary
    so when ever i catch
    anywere else
    I put them in the lake

    I am trying to build up the catfish
    in Lake Contrary
    It is a 300 acker Lake
    Needs Everyones help
    It is all most never Stock
    It Needs Everyones Help

    please let me know

  2. First of all Geoge I would like to welcome you to the GOOD OLE USC-of-A The Brotherhood of Catfishermen and women.:>

    I don't live anwhere near you, but there is a bunch on here that do.. AND I'm sure one of these great guys if given a chance would love to take you out with them to help you catch some cats..

    you have a great day,, Kenny

  3. oldmanriver

    oldmanriver New Member

    Good luck with your search. I'd sure fish with ya as I'm disabled from my job but still get around good. Only problem is that I live south east of KC and with fuel costs what they are.....well you know. But if you ever want to go down here somewhere, maybe we could get together.