little stinker tube bait

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  1. good evening everybody. i was at walmart today and noticed a catfish bait called little stinker;has anybody ever tried this bait? they had it rotten shad and chicken liver flavor.

  2. I tried it when it first came out i think in the 80's..i didnt do too good with it

  3. Catpaw

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    Jamie does that bait have a skunk holding it's nose on the package?
  4. LittleStinkerTube

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  5. Mutt

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    Never did get it to work for me Jaime.
  6. yup,thats it james.

  7. Catpaw

    Catpaw Well-Known Member

    Run from it Jamie .........Run as fast as your leg's can go ...Run lil buddie lmao
  8. Hartung5

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    Tried it years ago. Never worked for me.
  9. kraftjd

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    Yeah haven't had luck with that stuff.
  10. festus

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    Nope, I never had any luck with Lil Stinker. I bought some Strike King tube bait last year and haven't tried it yet. Hawg Wild works, but it doesn't come in a tube.
  11. tried it years ago, in hot summer water it will tear up the 2 lb and under channels if you are in a good location, but then again in the right location with turned on fish almost anything would catch those fish, I wouldn't waste money on it a second time. just my opinion
  12. Thank you for all your replies. I am glad I decided to ask. I was tempted to buy it though.