Limb Line Basics

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    Trying not to ask too many simple questions here, but couldn't find "limb line" using the search feature... so here goes.

    I have used yoyo's before but never limb lines. I want to try them and am looking for some gemeral info.

    How do you normally rig your lines? I am assuming that this is normally done ahead of time. Trying to figure out if I rig ahead how long I should make them and what the best way it to tie them onto the limbs is. I am picturing me having to cut the line to get them off.

    For yoyo's we usualy have the hook on bottom attached to a clip style swivel with split shot above. I am thinking for a limb line I may still do hook on bottom with barrel swivel above and the weight?

    I guess I just need the basic Limb Line 101 short course :big_smile: .
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    eddie stis is on the home page at top ,go to members library , contents go to page 4 down toward the bottom of page , heading - jug ,trot lines -limblines ,hope this helps .

    i don,t know haw to just give u the thread or i would , but then again u might got something else to get your attenion while lookihg thru library

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    I had looked in the library before but never the TOC - I found the one on limb lines and a few others while I was browsing :wink: .
  4. I set up my leaders with swivels and about 18" of cord along with hook ahead of time. I make about around 10 or so before i head out. When i get out on the water all i have to do is select my branch atach my main line and then tie on my leader and bait. Also keep all of those old bicycle inertubes. They work great to loop around an heavy tree branch or log (anything that doesnt have enough play) and stick it back through itself to use as a bungee.
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    I prefer to make mine on the water, customizing them to the set. Make sure to tie the line a secure branch, and then you can tie it off to a more limber branch if needed to position the bait. I set them up as follows.

    8-10 ought King Kahle or equivalent circle hook
    300lb barrel swivel
    12" leader
    2-5 ounce bank sinker
    143lb test green braided line (don't buy twisted)

    making them on the water in current requires 2 people or a way to tie your boat off to the tree while you work, and any time you run lines have a sharp knife handy.

    set the bait a foot off the bottom, or for flathead try right under the surface where it can splash. This can work well if you run big enough bait to create a commotion
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    Keep the info coming guys.

    I may need to beef up my swivel tackle, don't even know what they are rated at.

    I have bought some braided line since reading other posts here. I am still using twisted tarred line for making up some trot lines though.

    Definitely need to up size my hooks. Once my boat finally gets out of the shop I hope to be ready to roll.
  7. Good tip on having the knife handy!!

    My lines are made up a head of time, usually in the winter when I'm thinking about fishing and fighting cabin fever.

    My lines: Main line 8-10 feet braid camo line, 18in Blk. rubber strap(shock absorber), leader line 12-14in braid and 8oz egg weight then 7/0 Daichia Circle Lite Chunk hook or 8/0 Gamma Circle. I only use circle.

    Diagram of my limb lines:
    Main line Shock absorber 6in 6in hook
    -------------8-10 ft--------##18in strap###-------8oz-----Circle hook

    I don't set lines in more then 10 ft of water, I always leave bait 1 foot off bottom. I try and target flathead only and try to find slack/eddy water for my lines.
  8. The braided line that i use is the same as the tar twisted that you are using now, I buy mine at Barlows bait and tackle online, best prices I have found on it so far.