License Fee ( Holy Hook Hole Batman )

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  1. Its that time again for some to have to get that new fishing license .

    Lucky I dont have to renew for ever 10 years with no fee .

    But with my birthday tomorrow I had to renew my drivers license and get a new sticker for my trailer plate .

    Sticker fee $18.00 ( no big deal )

    Renew D.L. fee $30.00 ( What the frick ) I had no idea it went up .

    Guess it could be worse :O_o:
  2. ya this state it in ruins. speeding tickets, dl fees, everything has went up.

  3. slimy

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    I paid double in state taxes from what I paid last year:mad1: there killing me :cry:
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    I can tell you that speeding fines have gone up. I got a ticket on the River Road near Grafton. 73 in a 55. I thought it was a 65 mph zone because it was 4 lane but I was WRONG. It is under 20 over so still the lowest fine and it is $220. :eek1: I learned a lesson and am passing it on. First ticket in about 10 years. The last one was $75 and court costs. Live and learn but thats a lot of boat gas. :cry:
  5. I got hit by the jb bridge a few years ago when they were doing construction. Was about 8pm doing 65 in what I thought was a 65mph zone. Apparently it was 45 even though all the signs were taken down. Got it wiped off my record for $450. Now I drive like grandpa through every single construction zone I come to no matter what time or if the speed limit signs are up or not. Lesson learned.
  6. Long story short : I told a guy I was going to whip his ass > Cost me $1000.00 just for saying it ........ lol

    So now I just do it , its cheaper :wink1:
  7. lol thats what i do lol
  8. Dlynch

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    you go that right

    res combo small game/ fishing Co.....40.00
    Habitat stamp...........10.00
    extra rod stamp........10.00
    state parks pass......70.00
    water dot ........3.00
    city parks pass.....65.00
    water craft decal city...10.00
    state boat reg........35.25
    big game antelope/elk/ deer....127.00
    boat trailer lic.........39.50
    atv reg................35.25

    The list just gets longer
    enough already !!!!
  9. Yeah I thought I only paid $20 the last time I renewed it years ago. But I renewed this year as well and it was $35 (renewed my M endorsement with my license).