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    my buddy caught a flathead last week. on a new scale (?) it weighed 41lbs. it measured 41". does this sound right? i didn,t see the fish.
    a pound per inch just doesn't sound right to me, but i haven't weighed and measured many flatheads.
    just wondering, don't want to call him a liar.
    (unless he is, then i be on him like white on rice!!!!)
    thanks larry
  2. DTro

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    This seems to be a common question. It is not uncommon to have a weight the same as the length....or even heavier. It really depends on the time of year, location and forage base.

    So far this year I've seen:

    44" 48lb
    47" 50lb
    46" 50lb
    48" 39lb
    44" 35lb
    39" 26lb
    40" 26lb
    43" 35lb
    43" 30lb

    and several other I can't think of off hand.

    As you can see quite a variation.

    Another thing it might have to do with is the age of the fish.

  3. GaryF

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    I caught a 42" flathead last year on a day I didn't have a scale. I started off calling it 30+ lbs, but now I say it was an even 40, and I'm even thinking about bumping it to 42lbs :big_smile: The truth is in Dtro's numbers - there is a lot of variation between fish of the same length.
  4. CBH

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    I've been wondering if some guys are just guessing at the weights of some of their 40, 50 and 60 pounders! I use a Boga Grip, and a digital scale that has been checked several times for accuracy. My biggest flatheads this year have been 43" 38.5 pounds, and 46" 40 pounds. Sometimes I look at photos and I find the weights very hard to believe. Sometimes I look at a photo and say "Wow, that's a hog!"
    I fish for fun, not to impress others. I'd like to catch a 50 pounder, but I'll not call a fish any bigger than what it its.
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    i think the longer it is the more likely it to be closer to pounds same as length.
    but hey i guess if a inch per pound then my two 24" in my avatar are 24 lbs lol (my scale says 6) :)
  6. Just caught one 41 1/2 inches and it was 35 1/4#s.

    There is a chart out there some where.
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    Many catfisherman are mislead by the old myth that once above 40", it weighs a pound to the inch. That's just not true! In the first place, it's just not true. And in the second place, it all depends on the time of year. My cats always weigh more in May when they're feeding heavy and full of eggs than in July when they've laid out and are punier even though these cats in July are longer.
  8. You know you can't go by those length to weight charts, most of them are wrong. Some yellows are long and lean and some are short and chunky. YOu just need to weigh them accuratley. I caught a 52lber last year that was 44" long and had a 32" girth. THe length x girth chart works pretty accuratley, according to it that fish would have weighed about 50lbs.
  9. Larry

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    Charts can get you a rough guess and thats it. ONce the fish is over 40 inches that chart can be off by more than 10lbs
    I just caught a 48inch fish that was 39lbs check out the pic in the BOC tournament board. This was definately a long, lean fish.
    I had a 44inch 44lb fish earlier this year.
    toss the charts and get a good scale.
  10. well u never know cause u dont know what is out there in them waters but its hard to tell cause if u think about it fish come in all shapes and sizes!.......(thats just my opinion):roll_eyes:
  11. From wha I've seen the yellow colored flathead seem to be longer than the molted colored flaheads of the same weight. At least that's what I've noticed in Arkansas. grizzly
  12. a friend of mine caught a 41" flathead a week ago today. i'll add a picture for your reference. BTW the 41" fish weighed in at 27 pounds.

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  14. riverfishing

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    i cought a 40 inches that was about 35 so i guess its probly true