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    Sunday I went to the public fishing area Dyke 3. It was a nice setup, large parking area, porta john, good access to the lake. There was not a soul fishing which is a mixed blessing. Your either the first person or it's not a good place to fish. In my case it was both.

    Lake Anna is a man made lake, the area for public fishing looks nice. The lake looks nice, it's huge. I got hung up the first few casts and felt the drive was a bust. As I was giving it a second chance at the roadside pier, a couple locals pulled up. They gave me the lowdown on that spot, according to their information.

    It goes something like this...When the strippers are running "which is some obscure day" this place is wall to wall people across the bridge. Other then that your not going to catch anything.

    The public fishing area is over some real crazy current, one guy said it was 45 feet deep another said 120 feet deep. All I know is I'm not going there again and would NEVER tell anybody to go there. I drove an hour to get there and if I lived a block away I wouldn't waste my time walking there.
  2. We did not get down to the Dykes, but we did manage to catch a few eaters. We are going back Friday night and might get a chance to go down to the Dykes.

    There are plenty of other public access points to fish on Lake Anna, so you might want to give it another try.

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    I actually don't give up that easy so I may go back after some more research...

  4. be sure to give us a report on how y'all do friday night...good luck!!
  5. Bummer. How far are you from Lake Gaston/Kerr Dam? The spillway on the backside of the dam on the Gaston side is a pretty good fishing spot. The time I went, guys were catching cats left and right. I only caught one, but I wasn't geared properly. I was bottom fishing and getting snagged nearly every cast, and they were using slip bobbers with stink bait.
  6. We ended up catching 8 fish total, most came from the same spot we fished the last time. All came on chicken livers or cut bluegills.