Knox lake spillway catfishing 1-23-10

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  1. rcbbracing

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    My brother in law, mike (newfisherman) and myself hit knox lake saturday night for a few hours of channelcatting. We were gonna fish the lake but it is still frozen solid so we went below the spillway where the water is moving and unable to freeze. It was kinda windy but not too cold and we threw whatever bait you could imagine shad, liver, gizzards, and yes oh yes hotdogs lol j/k anyhow we never set eyes on a channelcat BUT we did end up catching four pretty decent sized bullhead catfish...Never caught anything huge and obviously from most of our baits selection we didnt care...we had a great time and as soon as it warms back up into the fourties again we'll be right back out there!
  2. smoothkip25

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    Way to go on getting out there and getting something! I need to get out myself but just cant seem to get the energy to get off the couch! LOL!

  3. catfishrollo

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    I think when you get to get out, esp. in the winter... It makes you appreciate, and enjoy it alittle more sometimes even if the fishing isn't in its peak season. Congrats on getting out, and catching some cats as well man... rollo
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  4. luckey wade

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    Good deal brother .at least you had a good time .an you just dont know if the big fish is going to hit.
  5. sometimes it doesn't matter if you get ahold of anything or not. just getting out can be the best medicine of all.
  6. Netmanjack

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    I ran over to Cheery Hill Saturday, if I could figure out how to cast under the ice I would of had it I never thought of the spillway at Knox, or I might of been there. Maybe next time....:bulgy-eyes:
  7. smoothkip25

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    We need an ice breaker for Cherry Hill Jack. The ice is still pretty thick over there and im about sick of it! LOL!
  8. skunkedagain

    skunkedagain New Member

    way to go i have been getting the bug my self. still 2 cold im not an eskimo lol
  9. newfisherman

    newfisherman New Member

    that was fun but can't wait to get the boat out. watch out flaty we r coming