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  1. :tounge_out:Hey guys who ever wants to we should try and meet up like fri or sat at knights landing next week...linz i know you got fri off so we should see what we can do.

    went out to suter bypass today and got 1 prob 2 #....nice day though
  2. I may be able to swing it next week. Dr. just took me off work tell June 2nd. Let me find out for sure Monday:wink: I may have another Dr. appt. next week. I hear the stripers are running. Just talked t
    a few guys that knocked the stripes dead and took in 3 dino's (1 was legal) at Rio Vista:wink: Knights Landing sounds cool! Love and miss the Delta. Bert..... my phone was accidently dropped in a swimming pool. Got a new blackberry and same # but i lost all my numbers too:sad2: give me a call when you can. :wink:

  3. right on man...just let us know
  4. Hey Ben,
    That may work, because I'm also off on Fridays (& Saturdays) and I'm always looking forward to go fishing (Somewhere). :0a28:
  5. :big_smile::big_smile::0a22:shania that awesome hopefully we can get together up far it sounds like it could work
  6. Ben,
    I just sent you a PM. Friday is most likely a sure thing. My cousin is fishing out there right now and hasn't caught anything:angry:, so it is hit and miss, but we will find them. There are some spots out there that are not very comfortabel (rocks and crap) but they yeild lots of fish. We might have to move around a bit to find them. PM me your phone # so we can hook up bro.
  7. hey Linz nice looking fish in that pic of yours...

  8. Thanks buddy:big_smile: I just caught him.
  9. hey guys...whats the deal? where do u guys want to meet up:confused2:
  10. Hey Ben,

    It looks like I'm not going to be able to make the trip - "Don't get me wrong - The fellows know that I will go fishing in a Heartbeat, but I'm saving up my pennies to fly down to southern California to hook-up with Ray (Gilmafam) to try and go to the CA/AZ Gathering in June.

    But I hope that you guys do hook-up and do some fishing - but if you guys ever want to hit the Ca. Delta - I'll like to roll with you guys.

    (My boy Linz know how seriously I take my fishing)

    Take it easy,
    Bert:cool2: & Shania:0010:
  11. Let's meet up at Stingrays. It's a little bar in Knights Landing. Here's how to get there. Exit road 102 from I-5 heading north. I think there is a sign that says Knights Landing. Follow that for about 8 miles until you enter the town of Knights Landing. Go straight through the town and you will go over a bridge. Make your first left when you go over the bridge. This will take you along the levee. As soon as you go up the levee make an immediate left on a gravel road. You can see the place from there. Actually you can see the sign for Stingrays as soon as you get on the bridge. It's easier than it sounds. My cell is 916-296-9930 in case anyone gets lost. (my cousin caught a 14# and a 6# catfish out there today on live minnows). I'm headed out there tomorrow morning bright and early.
  12. I forgot to add one thing. We should try to get out there fairly early. Knights Landing is not affected by the tide, so the fish feed more by time of day. Morning and evening is the best of course. I will probably try to get there around 7 or 8. Ya'll can show up whenever....just give me a call.
  13. :cross:
    "Good Luck" to you guys out there. :0a23:
  14. right on....ill proly be there around that same time. is there a bait shop w/ minnows up there or what?
  15. Linz and AFben... good luck.... linz show him the way to do it dude.... Tom and I will give a Colorado River report when we get back into town... off to Blythe....

    Live Minnows.... use a throw net???? .... dont answer that....LOL

    Best of luck.... Bayrunner ray
  16. Yes, there is a little market/baitshop once you enter town. It can't remember the name of it, but it is also a gas station. I went fishing out there yesterday. I don't really expect anyone to believe this until they see the picture(my cousin took the pic so I'll have to wait until he sends it to me)......but I caught a 10# salmon on a minnow and a 6# catfish on a crankbait! The salmon was released of course. I lost another really big fish using a jerkbait(the same jerkbait I lost that big bass on at the gathering). My cousin caught a big carp and 2 nice channels from 5-3 pounds. I caught one more channel about 2 pounds and lost another 5 pounder at the bank. I'm not going to say where I was fishing on here, I'll show you if you show up. BTW it's not a very comfortable spot and there are a number of snags, so be prepared for that.
  17. Good luck in Blythe dude!!
  18. i guess ill stop for bait before i meet up w/ u...that way we dont have to back track. how are you rigging ur stuff up?
  19. I'm using a 2/0 hook for the live minnows on a sliding sinker rig. 2 to 3 ounces of weight. I'm using 20 pound line but you can go heavier for sure with the snags.
  20. cool man im pretty much already have the same setup so ill see ya there