KK Island on Truman Lake

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  1. I keep hearing about KK island on truman lake can some one tell me where that is?
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    It's at mile marker O8 if you have a map. If you don't have a map, it's about 3 miles south of the "mile long bridge" (the first 7 hwy bridge west of Warsaw).

    It's also directly across the lake from Osage Bluff Marina - when you come out of the cove from the marina, bear just a little right and keep going. When you're still a few hundred yards from the shore and your boat comes to a grinding halt on the sand bar, you're there.... ;)

    And finally, it's right here:


  3. thanks for your help! I gotta try this place out if it is as good as I here
  4. If you can find the Osage Bluff Marina on 83 hiway, you are there.

    Go south on 65 hiway from Warsaw, cross the river take off ramp at Wild Cat Drive. Cross hiway (overpass) first stop sign turn right and follow old 65 (Wild Cat Drive about a mile (?)) to 83 hiway south. (right turn) Stay on 83 for about four miles (???) Heck I don't remember my telephone number, but stay on 83 south and you will come to Osage Bluff Road, turn right go to intersection turn left to Osage Bluff. After you launch all you have to do is head West into the lake KK is right in front of you.
  5. As you drive over the mile long bridge on Hwy. 7 west of Warsaw you can see KK island to the south in the middle of the lake.

    If you can make it to the Truman Gathering in May I know several of us will be fishing around KK island and can probably share some insite.
  6. Awesome guys thanks for your help
  7. great place ,i do alot of drifting there have pulled some good size blues around KK
  8. I remember going up on Truman with a couple of guys who said "there ain't no catfish in that lake" and catching 13 Blues. These same fellows went on to win a catfish tourney on the lake in the worst weather imaginable. The locals have a saying "If you can't catch a catfish on Truman, You can't catch a catfish". There are a lot of humps around the KK Island area. Robert Harms a member here fishes the Grand arm near G16(I'm going to follow him this year). But there are a lot of good spots on the lake. Too many! Its hard to choose where to fish. See ya on the water.
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    I haven't posted much at all, but I've read alot of your posts over the last year. Sure was alot of good information. I grew up near Warsaw and saw the lake come in. Used to catch carp in muddy backwater around Warsaw as a kid. Did alot of turkey, deer, and squirrel hunting, but didn't fish much until I got introduced to catfishing on the Missouri River a few years ago. Fell in love. Moved from Warsaw area over twenty years ago, but now have a cabin on Truman. My boys and I do alot of catfishing now. Had some good teachers. There are catfish on Truman. My boys and I caught 185 catfish in January running jugs. All blues full of shad (most released). Nothing huge, one 40, one 35, few 20's on down. I enjoy rod and reeling more, but it's alot of fun watching your kids pull up jugs when they are dancing up and down. I don't mean to ramble. I have enjoyed your input for quite some time. I hope to meet some at the gathering. My cabin is straight across the Grand from Truman State Park.
  10. Great to have you posting Chip.
    Looking forward to meeting you and doing some fishing at the gathering. Looks like you won't have to drive far to get there LOL.

    Word has it The_Wolfman knows where Moby hangs out some where close to KK Island. I think we can get it out of him during the Gathering LOL....:cool:
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    Hi Chip and welcome to the group...

    I recognize your name, but I don't know that we've ever met -- I graduated from Warsaw in 1986. If memory serves, I'll bet the name "Rhonda" means something to you... :rolleyes: (She was in my graduating class.)

    Don't be a stranger here! Especially if you know where the fish are hiding!
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    Thanks Marty. I am off during the gathering. Maybe we can share some stories.
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    Wolfie - that fish gets bigger every time you talk about it. :p I can't back up that kind of claim. In fact I might have to just tell some boys where that fish is so we can weigh it. You don't seem to be in a hurry to get back up here, so somebody should catch it and weigh it.

    Boys, that there Moby fish isn't near KK island. It's up around the . :frk-big: . Ouch $%#$ that hurt! &*%$&& :0a4: OK ! OK ! :0a19: :0a33:
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    I'm you're man. I'm going to take some vacation days between now and April 15. And I have many options.:)