Killer dough ball for carp and hopefully catfish.

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    Folks I mixed up a doughball last saturday and caught 2 carp within minutes. I made the dough ball hopeing for a catfish bite and turns out that it is a killer carp bait. I think I had one cat hit though, It was a real slow hit whit short slow tugs. Those carp really stip your line quick. either way i fished about an hour and caught two carp and missed about five more hits. Probably because i was about ten yards from my pole throwing a rooster tail around. here is the doughball. ! box of cherry jello , two tablespoons of molasses, and flour and water until you can make a ball that will stay on the hook. use just enough to cover your hook. folks believe me it works. try it and let me know how you do. I am not getting to post alot right now between work and fishing so bare with me.
  2. sounds good i might mix it up before i go out next good luck with it


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    James good luck with your new dowbait. Keep us informed on how many you are catching with it. Sounds simple to make. Thanks for sharing.:sad2:
  4. You can add some "wheaties" or wheat germ to get some fiber on it ...

    Also, strawberry jello works real well ...
  5. I have a killer recipe for carp. use a couple cups of cornmeal and add it to a batch of strawberry jello with a little extra sugar in it. when it starts to get thick, roll it into little balls and put it on snelled treble hooks and freeze it. it may not help you fill your freezer. but it'll sure help you teach a kid how a drag works. here's another hint. if your in a place with a lot of carp, dont bring 2 poles.......
  6. I take equal parts of oatmeal, flour, and cottonseed meal. Mix together and add whatever liquid you prefer to make a stiff dough. I use water or a little beer. I have used this all my life and if there is a hungery carp around it will find it.
    I mixed up some last summer and put it in a ziplock bag and forgot it. The bag was air tight so the bait didnt dry out but it really got rank. I tried it in late fall and not only did I catch carp but I caught several good size channel cats that day.
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    thanks for sharing i love carp they fight hard...i'l try it soon
  8. I made 2 batches the other day. One just like you said and in the 2nd batch I used blood drained off chicken livers and deer blood from some steaks the wife was thawing instead of water. I will try both soon and see which works best. I think the blood may help with cats.
  9. :confident::0a23:hey give this a shot i have been using this for 17years take a loaf of bread old or new does not matter a jar of cheap peanut butter, cinnamon, and vanilla
    tear up bread into a large bowl
    take cinnamon and dust bread in what ever way and amount you want
    take vanilla and drop in where ever and how ever much you want
    take jar of pb and spoon it all out into bowl (of course not not the biggest jar on the shelf or the smallest ) now it's time to get your ands dirty just start needing it all together usually i just grab and squeeze over and over and fold it onto itself and repeat until i get a good consistancy you can usually tellif its to dry or to moist just add bread for moist or add pb for dry
    use a ball on what ever hook you like it catches all kinds of carp and cats don't make the ball to big about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch around and lob it out don't throw it as hard as you can it will come of if you do that it should make enough bait for a few trips and just ball it up into 3 or 4 balls to put back into bread bag and your good to go
  10. I'm going to try something different this weekend. Unflavored gelatin, chicken livers juiced in a blender, and floul. I tried the recipe first posted on here yesterday with no luck. But it stayed on a #8 treble hook real good.
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    In my frige i got some doughballs mixed up the one bag has four doughballs of cornmeal mixed in syrip then the other bag wheat bread rold in 10 doughballs with syrup then another zip lock baggy with just doughballs.Haven't tried it yet hope to get good luck with it.Here is how to make it just roll some doughballs from a loafs of bread take some syrip pore it in the back not alot just enough about a cm what u feel like.Just eyeball it then throw them in there and shake it up it will make them hard a stay on the hook let me kno how it has worked out for u or if u are going to try it how it works out i will also let u kno how it worked out for me. =-) :smile
  12. Thanks for sharing I will have to try that next time I go out.
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    keepin it simple seems to work best for me. i use use crushed up cheap catfood and corn oil, put it in a blender and add flour little by little until you have a real thick paste, i go by the same rule for mixing concrete, if you can put it on your fingers and it wont fall of by its self its done. ive cought some carp on it and it stays on the hook real good when using a treble or j hook with the spring on it.
  14. Do you have to boil that sucker or just put it on that way.
    Can you cast it or just flip it out?
    How long will it stay on before falling off or needing to be changed?
  15. What size and kind of hooks are you fellas using?
  16. What size and kind of hooks are you using?
  17. let some dried corn or beans ferment for a day or so and add it to any of the recipes you use. for some reason it drives them crazy. you can also use any of these recipes for a "chum" put some in a sack with a few rocks and toss it in your favorite area a day ahead of time then use it for bait the next day. Fish, especially 'Old Yellow Lips" get conditioned to certian foods and using that to your advantage will help you. Another carp tip, they are very timid use small dough balls light as you can stand tackle and stay quite
  18. Thanks for all the recipes just wanted to add if making dough bait use corn starch it will bind and thicken the dough. Am i still on the BOC or a baking website.:smile2: