Kayak Not Tracking Straight

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  1. I have a Redfish 12 Kayak that I catfish out of. I have a tracking problem with it turning to the right when paddling. Anybody know of a way to fix this short of putting a rudder on it. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  2. Sounds to me like your left arms stronger than the right:smile:. Or mayber you've got to much gear on the right side of the yak. Does it drift fast or is it a slow turn? I Have a perception 10' that I use and if it's leaning to one side it'll start to turn in that direction. Some yaks are opposite, lean left drift right.

  3. Yes it does turn fast, I thought about the weight issue and I tried moving gear around, did not fix it. I went out on the water with just me in the yak and it does the same thing. I must be to heavy on one side.
  4. I don't know. Looks like you may have to invest in a rudder. I still don't know why it would turn quick though. Even if its leaning it wouldn't turn very quick. Maybe it is your left stroke being harder than the right. Good luck with it.
  5. It may not anything you can fix without the rudder $$. Some hull designs just don't track well. Poor tracking usually has the benefit good maneuverability. Longer boats tend to track better and move faster, but are harder to turn. Are there dents or mis-shapened areas in the hull?
  6. There are no dents or mis-shapened areas in the hull. I guess I will just have to get the rudder to fix the problem. Thanks for your reply.
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    I have a Redfish 12' and find no problems with tracking. However... I do find that when I paddle my local lake to the south, it tracks well and moves fast, but back to the dock is quite another matter. I believe that problem is due to the prevailing winds from the west.

    It appears that the Redfish 12' is very touchy with winds and currents. You need to watch your loading profile, making sure that you load it to help, not hinder you. I believe that the kayak is designed for a heavy load aft. Try this and see if it helps.