Jug Fishing the Missouri River?

Discussion in 'MISSOURI RIVERS TALK' started by justweldit, May 2, 2012.

  1. justweldit

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    Anybody out there have any good suggestions or ideas for which bait to use on un-anchored jugs. We like to float the noodle type jugs down the Missouri River inbetween Hermann and New Haven and just hang with them in the boat. All we have tried are hot dogs which seem to work fairly well depending on what time of year it is, but was wondering if anyone has any other suggestions. Typically we make out own jugs out of PVC and them swimming noodles and usually run about 3-4 feet of line with a #6 or #8 tru-turn catfish hook.
  2. Gotbuck

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    Those are good rigs. I have used shad, gills, goldfish if you can find them. If not worms work well. I have also used chicken liver balled on the hook with panty hose cut into strips. That helps hold it on in the current and the blood trail goes a long way in the river. Good luck if you head out this weekend should be nice.

  3. Chad Robinson

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    Best I've ever done on those jugs was on the Mississippi river. We used goldfish and perch. A buddy of mine said he had good luck with the secret 7 fiber bait. I'll have to ask him how he rigged it. I have one other question for you. How long do you make your jugs? mine are about 2.5 ft. and anything larger than 30lb will take and swim underwater with it.
  4. justweldit

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    I make mine about 20" and wrap them up and stick them in a 5 gallon bucket. I have had 20+ pounders pull them under for a while, but they will pop back up after a while. We enjoy chasing them around. I thought about using sonnys stink bait on one of those magic bait tubes with the sponges, but seems like it would be more difficult than just the plain ole hotdogs or the goldfish like you said. I have heard of some guys using blood from the meat market, but I think it would just melt off with the warmer temps.
  5. Welder

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    shot a bighead carp in some still water or get a bighead to jump in the boat. Fresh free bloody cut bait the cats like. I dont jug in the MO alot to easy to set a few short lines and go kick back in the shade with some rods out.
  6. bro250r

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    The beef blood works great in slack water. Put 2 packages of nox gelatin to 1 gallon of blood, mix well. Pour into muffin pans and drop in frig. The blood will coagulate on its own but the gelatin holds it together longer. An old fishmonger taught me that way back before the ban on commercial fishing the MO. Old Tom Jensen.


    A really good bait for blues on rivers or lakes stays on hook well and have caught as many as 200 lb of fish in 4 days. only catch fish in the 5 to 20 lb range.
  8. I agree with Troy, free and fresh is always my choice. Interested in the blood bait deal, will it stay on the hook in current?
  9. bro250r

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    I think the blood bait would work great in current if on a jug. The jug would give with the current, on a bank line it wouldn't last long in strong current, maybe couple hours tops. Drifting across flats would be great as well.
  10. SHOWME

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    A friends father used to go to the butcher shop and pick up a couple gallons of beef blood, he would put it in a 5 gallon bucket and pull up a chair outside and start stiring, this stuff would start thickening up in sheets and he would fish out the sheets and put them in a sheet pan and continue on, when it was all done almost all of the blood was in sheets and tuff as hell, you had to cut off a chunk to use it and it really stayed on the hook and it was awsome on cats, I just never had the opportunity to get any blood and found easier things to use:rolleyes1:
  11. SHOWME

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    As far as bait goes, you just cannot beat fresh and bloody, wheather its shad or carp or gills, FRESH is the key, and change it ofter and you will be rewarded
  12. leadslinger

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    I don't think you can beat the hottest time of the year for jug fishing the missouri, find a place where the channel changes from one side of the river to the other. Right below these spots shad seem to bunch up, and the blues are right there after them. Use cut shad if you can or hot dogs.
  13. wayne1967

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    Lil Smokies work well and stay on the hook better than hotdogs. Hard not to eat them though.