Johnson Scorpion Spinning fishing Reel

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  1. About ten yrs ago i got a new johnson scorpion closed faced combo from santa lol and loved it shortly after i got a spinning version and just a few yrs ago i got a ultra-light version of it. All are fantastic and still working my older two have little to no pait left on them and are on there third and fourth rods the spinning one is great with Stren 20Lb for cats and carp i love it with a seven foot med. Hvy
  2. Welcome to the BOC. I use to have a Johnson spin cast but it got torn up on big carp. Havent seen any in the stores lately.

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    They have the scorpions in some of the walmarts here in Texas, really cheap I think I gave under $10 for the spinning one my boy uses.I primarily let him use it for catching sand bass and crappie , I dont think I would trust it on anything much bigger than that though.
  4. welcome to the boc the best fishing site on the net,i have a johnson spinning reel also but after just acouple times on the water it just quit working.i personaly do not like johnson reels but thats just my opinon and i have just recintly switched to all bait casters. well any welcome and have a great time fishing.tight lines