Johnson 8hp outboard

Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by jlingle, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. jlingle

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    Well, I just bought an 8hp Johnson off a buddy of mine who needed some money. He got it for free, and didn't really seem to care what he got out of it. I bought the motor and a pair of snake boots for $100 bucks, seemed like a pretty snazzy deal.

    He said the motor ran really well the last time he had it out, but I may definitely need some help in getting it running. Does anyone know much about these?

  2. Post the model number so we can see what we are talking about. There are several different 8 h/p johnnie/rudes out there.

  3. jlingle

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    It's a J8RCRM. I couldn't find that particular model number on the Johnson website.
  4. Bobpaul

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    Jerrod, you've got an 83' 8 hp Johnson.

    A compression check should be near 100#+ on each cyl. and within a few #'s of each other.

    Check to be sure you've got spark.

    The only thing left would be fuel getting to your cyl's.
  5. toelpel

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    I too bought a 8 hp Johnson with model # J8REIA. Can you state the year of construction?
    Thank you
  6. toelpel

    toelpel New Member

    I bought a Johnson 8 hp engine with model # J8REIA. Can you tell me the year of construction and specefic details, problems etc.
    I have no papers.
    Thank you
  7. That is a 1991 short shaft engine.