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Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by kaskas, Dec 20, 2005.

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    Anyone using these rods, they look alot like the quantum big cat. My uncle has a berc e cat and that was a 100$ plus rod. I like the sensitivity of the big cat MH that I own and was looking to but a heavy bigcat but havent found one yet. Then I came across these rods on catfish connection. Also I have heard some about the shakespear tiger rods, but not enough to make an informed decision . Thanks
  2. Hey Kaskas I have a berkley Ecat number 4. It is a very heavy duty rod. I love it. The new Jim moyer Boss rod is supposed to be just like the Ecat. I went and checked them out and I bought a boss number 3. The boss number 4 is just like the ECAT. I would highly recomend them.

    On the other hand I have fished with the shakspere tiger rods and they are a very good rod also.

    I like the boss and ecat rods better because they both have cork handles verses the foam on the shakespere

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    I to like the cork handle better than foam. I just seen on catfish connection that they have also back in stock the quantum big cat heavy. I have a MH , the quantum seems to differ from the Jim Moyer in that it has less guides and that they are alum oxide vs stainless steel. The blanks are advertised as through handle and E glass for both. Whats your take on these rods and how they match up. Is the Jim Moyer price worth 2 quantum ?
  4. To me the quatum rods seem heavy in weight compared to the boss rod. Apparently the rod is made from different materials. I like the boss better. But if you have a quatum and like it you might stay with it and that way you can get more gear for the same price. JMHO
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    Just took the #3 out of the box from www.catfishconnection.com . Its for my fishing buddy for X mas . It seems to have alot more action in the tip compared to the quantum big cat and cattmax rods. I hope he likes it. Merry Christmas everybody!!!
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    I have two old E-cat rods and love them, Jims Moyer designed of the orignial E-cat Rod and his boss rod is just like the E-cat rod.
  7. I was told that the Boss rods have a stainless tip on them that tends to get a groove worn in them over time. Not sure what kind of line caused this condition but I would imagine it was a braid. They would be better if they had an insert in the tip. I decided to steer clear of them for this reason and am having a custom rod built for me.
  8. Thats weird, the 3 boss rods I own, have got inserts and I have been using powerpro with them for the last year.
  9. Hmmmmm... Maybe I was Misinformed, but thats what I heard. Irregardless, I'm gettin a custom now, but in the future I'd definatly buy one If you like them slim. I Know Your after the Big boys like Me
  10. You got that right Brad. This year I am determined to catch a 80lb yellowcat. I don't care if it comes off rod n reel, limbline or bankpole, I am gonna catch a hawg!!! I may even come back out your way, I know a river and a few lakes that harbor flats that size :)
  11. Slim,
    If Ya head out this way be sure to drop Me a PM. Maybe We can hook up got some pretty good spots that hold fish in the range your hunting!!!Good luck slim, Hope Ya get the World Record your after!!!!
  12. Brad, I will sure do it. Maybe me, you and ole Charlie can all get together on the Kaw and hopefully catch a hawg. Do you fish down towards the Bonner Springs area, I have seen a 105lber that came from around that area.
  13. Slim,
    yes i've fished the bonner springs area on the kaw. I've fished from lawerence to KC where it meets the mighty Mo. I've personaly had My best luck around desoto and in KC. A buddy of mine pulled in a 85lber by the 435 bridge one year, thats just down stream from where your talkin.

    The kaw in that general area (bonner, desoto) can be pretty tough to navigate during low water if your boat is too big. I'm thinking about buying a little 5hp motor for My little 2man rig so I can get around better when the river is low. I know some pretty good spots to fish when you can get to them. The 2man boat would be perfect to motor up stream and the set up on one of them sand bars.
  14. Slimcat, Which size BOSS do you have? In the CC catalog the light and medium say they have titanium guides. The med/hvy and heavy have stainless guides. Does that mean all 9 guides have no inserts or just the tips?
    I love my E-cat 4s, so I was going to get two boss heavys for the reels I got last yr. I am using power pro line though so I dont want to ruin a 70 dollar rod or replace 9 guides. If the tip goes bad I can afford to replace that.
    Anyone else use the boss last year, or have any more info?
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    I have 2 of the Jim Moyer Boss Rods for sale. I have the #1 and the #2, these rods are brand new and never used. I'm asaking for a reasonable offer plus S&H for each rod.

    Terry ...
  16. I have the bc761xh. They are nice rods but there are several out there that I like better. Its hard to beat those tiger rods. But the moyer rods I feel are very good for flatheads but they don't have the great backbone.