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    The Wabash has been so low this last month (rain hopefully comming in this week) That I can't get to my best locations easily. My boat has a jack plate on it and still will run into gravel/rock bars. I've seen these on You Tube,and was wondering if any members had built one?:0a36: I've been kicking around the idea of building one this winter (something to do). Check out the video,there no audio,but you can see the boat running the river. Ron
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  2. I've read about them. Not a lot of write ups out there. No real details about how they attach what to what. I've seen them put the fiberglass tunnel in an aluminum boat but it would seem the joint would need some stiffening. I've seen the FG tunnel in a FG boat, that would be easiest to do. I've seen guys build an aluminum tunnel, too. It looks like the really little boats are riding too deep in the back. Something like this one rides level, is it the angle of the jet or just weight in the front?

    I think the only thing I learned was some of the videos say "try number 1"

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  4. That place sells plans for wood boats. There was a deal to make a wooden jon boat around the FG tunnel but, I bet you and me would rather have the all aluminum version. I'd love to try but the idea only appeals to me for the part of the year when the river's low.
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    my friend drpepper is wanting a jet so he can better fish his shallow river...he needs to see this
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    I know I could build one of those. I've built all kinds of crazy stuff, usually high horsepower motors in a small chassis of some kind.
  7. i should not have read this now the mind is turning quick get an extinquisher :smile2:
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    If nothing else, this got the dreamer going in me. Not sure I'll ever do anything about it, but I have thought about making a boat that fits all my needs. Shallow water is one of them. I keep going back to the Mud Buddy motors. I hear sand don't mess with them like it does with a jet or lower unit of an outboard. I had fun looking at all the different home made boats that are linked to this one.