Iowa catfish spawn questions

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    What month do catfish spawn here in Iowa? Is it based on water temps or more a certain month? I'm thinking that they have already and that were in a post spawn condition. Man fishing has been REALLY slow last week in my neck of the woods (Southeast Iowa). Anybody else care to shed some light.

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    Spawning occurs mostly in rivers and streams in the spring and early summer when waters warm to 70 to 85 degrees. They also will spawn in larger lakes where suitable habitat is available. Eggs are deposited in nests secluded under banks or logs or over open bottom. The male selects the site, often a natural cavern or hole, clears the nest and guards the eggs and young. A female may lay 2,000 to 21,000 eggs that hatch in six to 10 days depending on water temperature. Males protect the fry until they leave the nest in about a week.


    Spawning and nesting behavior is similar to others of its family. In late spring, males commonly choose and clear a nest site, usually in drift piles, logs, root systems or other dark, secluded areas near the bank. The eggs hatch in about a week, and males guard the fry in the nest until they swim away a week or so later.


    Spawning occurs in late spring when water temperatures reach 70 to 80 degrees. One or both parents excavate the nest that is usually made in a natural cavity or near a large submerged object. Females lay a golden-yellow mass of up to 100,000 eggs. The nest is guarded and the eggs are agitated by the male to keep them clean and aerated. The young remain in a school near the nest for several days after hatching, but soon disperse.

  3. Nitron said it all.

    Now that the river has dropped and is somewhat stable, maybe fishing will be better.
    Where in SE Iowa are you from?
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    6 miles from Brighton or almost half way between Washington and Fairfield.
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    Thank you very much for the information.
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    the river is going down and this is what i hooked in waterloo

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  7. Hey neighbor!
    I'm 5 miles North of Fairfield. My wife and I mostly fish the Skunk at Oakland Mills but sometimes we hit the Des Moines down in Keosauqua.

    I love to fish but man I'm in whitetail mode right now.

    Welcome to the BOC! Awesome place.
  8. Nice fish Bobby!!!!
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    Thanks for the info - I am I correct in thinking that the cats are done with spawning at this time? Fishing here the last 2 weeks has been terriable down here. Nothing but skunked in the skunk river and at lake darling.

    Baits I've been throwing: Sonnies, Sewer Bait, Whole shimp, curred chicken livers, and night crawlers. Just ain't a working. Maybe, after it cools down alittle they'll get back to bitting.