interesting facts about catfish that can help a fisherman

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  1. These facts are why I still insist that in ultra clear water clear mono is the line of choice.

    I noticed my catch rate dropped majorly and I mean majorly when I started using PP over Trilene clear.

    I still get the occasional hookup because I can toss larger baits,but most of my action comes on my clear mono.
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  2. I absolutely agree Jerry! I sometimes fish a sand pit that is spring fed and crystal clear down to 12 ft' depth or so, can often watch the fish swimming along at ten feet deep very clearly, on this pond clear mono of the lightest #test I can get away with is absolutly the ticket. A couple times I have forgot and brought a rod and reel spooled with cajun red or solar green bg and watched them set there right next to a combo with clear line and not only get outfished with the exact same rig and bait,but go untouched completely while the clear line rod and reel scored one after another. in murkier water it doesn't seem to make a difference at all though

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    Interesting Stuff, I Didn't Know Their Hearing Was That Advanced. I Was Born And
    Raised In California, But I Have Always Been A Husker Fan. I Think Pellini Will Get Us
    Back To Our Glory Days.
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  5. Excellent thread!!!

  6. thanks for the info thats pretty wild stuff.