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    As I've mentioned elsewhere on this board, I've recently started fishing again and my 4 y.o. daughter is also becoming a fan of fishing (actually, playing in the area while Daddy fishes). I've been to Eagle Creek Park a couple of times, but pretty much got nothing there (well, two tiny sunfish the first time, but nothing since). And there's a spot at the north end of Eagle Creek reservoir, where Lafayette Road crosses it that's both convenient to where I live and fairly "reliable" in that most times I can catch enough small bluegill and white bass to at least give my daughter a fish dinner (generally can't feed the rest of the family on what we catch there, though).

    The main interest is on fish to eat, not "trophy's" or "lunkers," or cpr opportunities, but dinner. That pretty much leaves out the White River since, although it appears to have been cleaned up quite a bit from some years ago, the DNR fish contamination report is still higher than I like, especially for my daughter.

    My daughter is also scared of boats now because the one time we went out fishing in one (a rental canoe on Eagle Creek), I managed to tip it (out of trim, into the wind, got my "stroke" rhythm back so I'd just picked up a bit of speed and we rolled right over). That means shore fishing only.

    Lately, I've taken to, anytime I spot a body of water while driving, thinking "can I fish there." The problems usually come down to three things: parking, access to the water, and whether it's private property. This has also been an issue with some places I've seen recommended here and on other boards.

    Example: there's a small lake/pond in a bend of the white river just north of 38th street. The directions to it was to head west on 38th, pass the art museum, take the exit toward the White river parkway and in mid exit, there's a gravel drive heading north to that pond. Well, the one time I took a look, there was a closed gate acros that drive, suggesting to me that one is not allowed back there.

    Another suggested spot is Eagle Creek down by 10th and Lynhurst. The only place I saw to park is the little strip mall, but that part of the creek (as seen from the road) seemed to have steep banks and quite a bit of brush so access would be an issue, especially with my daughter.

    As a kid growing up in Ohio, I would fish practically any place I could drop a hook, including in ponds in city parks. However, as a kid, I could get away with that as the worst that would likely happen is somebody telling me to move along. As an adult "trespass" becomes a more serious issue and I have to be a bit more concerned about it.

    So, with all that rambling, does anyone have any good recommendations for fishing in Indianapolis? As I said, I'm mostly interested in fish for eating--panfish, cats 10-16" long*, that sort of thing--and fishing from the shore.
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    Although it is a ways out, the Morse park in Cicero is a great place to take kids to fish. There are plenty of panfish and a playground. The bank is flat and safe.
    There is a "sea wall" to the right of the small boat dock. Anywhere along that wall is good...W

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    Well, I can give a few suggestions... and I have a couple comments. The little lake off of 38th st. by the bend by white river, are you referring to Lake Sullivan?, they are currently digging that out and making it more of a lake again to my understand, not sure on it. Now the 10th and Lynhurst area, that is Eagle Creek and quite a few people fish there. It has been known for years as a good place to catch Smallmouth Bass, not sure what else. I have caught quite a few fish there in the past. It does have a steep levee. But any given day you can go thru there and see a few cars parked. Actually, the place to fish there is west of Lynhurst right off of 10th where the "Speedway Water Company" is. There is a spot to park to the left under the trees.

    Now about the Lafayette Rd. Eagle Creek area, if you go north on Lafayette Rd. and take it up to 267 go east on 267 and you will find Boones Pond on the left. It is a nice little pond to catch panfish in, It has lost a few spots to fish due to the county closing off the back part. But there is a few bank spots available to cast from. Plenty of area for your little girl to play, alot of grassy area.
  4. David, I can tell you about a retention type
    pond where you can catch lot of decent Blue
    Gills. I fish there a lot for bait fish and
    for eating. PM me if you want and I'll give you the details.
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    And I see that I need 5 more posts (4 now) before I can send PM's.
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    David, did you scout out any of the places we listed?, If not, and would like to we are willing to fish with ya if you want company....
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    The place in the bend of the White River is below the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Google Map coordinates are 39.829408, -86.191564

    The one time I swung by the Lyndhurst spot there didn't seem to be any reasonably easy way to get to the water, at least not one I'd like to take my 4year old daughter to.

    I've been to Boone Pond several times. Caught one bluegill of about 5" there. I got a lot of nibbles on nightcrawlers and some on a catfish line I had out baited with chicken liver and a commercial stink bait. The one bluegill I caught was hooked from the outside in (hook went in one side, across the mouth, then out the other), which leads me to think I may have been using too big a hook. You see, at the Lafayette road spot I'd been catching a lot of little 3-5" bluegills (since they've drawn down Eagle Creek recently, the fishing at that spot has kind of dried up) as well as the occassional white bass. I'd been gradually creeping up in hook size, trying to cut back on the smaller ones and hook primarily on the bigger ones. I'd gotten to a size 4 before I finally stopped pulling in the tiny ones, but I'm wondering if maybe on bluegills, if the body doesn't grow proportionally larger to the mouths--so that a hook large enough that the smaller ones can't take it is large enough that the run-of-the-mill "keeper" doesn't take it either.

    This weekend, I'm meeting with a friend of mine. My daughter has gotten really attached to his daughter and has asked me to invite the other girl to go fishing with us. And so we're going. They live down in Greenwood, so I'm thinking of heading down and giving Plover Pit (Driftwood PFA) a try. Just wonder if you can catch Musky from the shore....
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    Thanks for the offer of going fishing together. I've got "shooting buddies" and could always use "fishing buddies." ;)
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    Awesome, good luck fishing this weekend David. Hope ya catch plenty.... I am also taking my daughters fishing today, they are my little bait catchers. They are sad when I hook their 'gills on my pole for bait, but when I do "land" a Flathead I am sure they will be cheering me on when I am reeling it in. They have been begging me to bring catfish home so they could see it in person instead of my pictures. So today looks like the day to try since the weather is gonna be nice, and I have them with me.
  10. There are places near and far, you can walk or drive a car, fish upstream down stream or a dam, fish some current or a log jam,fish with me if you wish cause I always catch some fish!!

    Look at me Im Dr. Suess
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    Look at you, Grand Master S, just like Bud Bundy.... You got rhymes!:smile2:
  12. Bud Bundy... Well I hope tonight is productive...
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    Where are you going, which spot?
  14. Not sure going to the 16th st dam to take a look here in a few and then going to make my dicision
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    Keep me posted, if you fish close to me tonight I might consider dropping a line in the water too!. I just cant venture far from home...
  16. If you guys decide to fish up here throw me a message and I'll come down after I get back from UPS.
  17. I was told from a DNR buddy of mine To ask my friends and for myself to try and stay clear of that area for the next couple of weeks... Theres an Investagation going on for another missing person and they are targeting this area...

    So PLEASE try to steer clear here....
  18. AS for now... Im off to get bait and I guess fish my neck of the woods
  19. I heard that was a commercial catfisherman....:confused2:
  20. Yeah.. I made it up to keep it all to myself.... LOL:smile2::smile2: