How old is a 30 lb. catfish???

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Johnny B, Sep 20, 2009.

How old is a catfish??

  1. 10-20 years old

  2. 20-30 years old

  3. 30-40 years old

  4. 40-50 years old

  5. 50-60 years old

  6. 60-70 years old

  7. 70-80 years old

  8. 80+ years old

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  1. Johnny B

    Johnny B New Member

    Say a 30 lb. flat head is caught what would be your guess on how old it would be? I never researched this but I would guess 60 years old. I just wanted everones opinion....Maybe more people will reconsider catch and release?:big_smile:
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  2. T Man

    T Man New Member

    Think it has a lot to do with what he has to eat and his habitat

  3. ryang

    ryang Well-Known Member

    And what part of the country, if I remember right in the north they grow slower they are just smarter :smile2::tounge_out:
  4. Slatebar

    Slatebar New Member

    With a life span of 16-20 years and max recorded age of 24 for Shovlehead, I would say a 30 lb'er depending on enviroment would be 12-16 years.
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  5. I say 4 years old,I once read they grow 7 lbs a year.
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  6. fmb

    fmb New Member

    60 years old?????? wow.............:tounge_out:

    I would say a 30 pounder is 8 to 10 years old......
  7. bigkane

    bigkane New Member

    I'm with John on this one. I've seen a lot of posts on the BOC about catfish being 100yrs old. But according to wikipedia the max recorded lifespan of a flathead is 20 years. But I'd still say there are some that live longer than that.
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  8. drpepper

    drpepper New Member

    thats inaccurate. they're 4 or 5 years old before they're mature enough to spawn
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  9. drpepper

    drpepper New Member

    Around here and surronding states- 10 years will get you *maybe* a 20 -25 lb fish or 25 - 30 pounder in the Ohio.
  10. x smokin joe

    x smokin joe Well-Known Member

    I would guess 5-10 years old depending on several things, genetics, food sources,habitat being tops.
    These are the same numbers I always come up with whenever I do a search on it. Anything over that 24 yr old belongs up there with tales about the one that got away. I'll take the science over opinion.
  11. drpepper

    drpepper New Member

    :roll_eyes: Science fiction maybe... lmfao- Show me a 5 y/o 30 pound flathead.... :smile2::smile2::smile2:
  12. drpepper

    drpepper New Member

    Whatever makes you alternative guys feel better.... go with it! :roll_eyes:
  13. slimdaddy

    slimdaddy Well-Known Member

    bill dance says bluecats grow 3-4 lbs a year in the mississippi just watched a video and thats what he said
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  14. This is an interesting thread.:wink:
  15. Mr. Foster

    Mr. Foster New Member

    My question is would you release it back to where it came from? I definatly would.
  16. fmb

    fmb New Member

    so I guess all the trophy flatheads out there are 30 plus years old????

    pepper wake up......these fish don't live that long....
  17. I find it odd that 28 participated in the poll,only 16 posted,I voted in the most group. I think they grow just a bit faster than most think they do. 30 lbr to me would make a few great,flat or channel.
  18. drpepper

    drpepper New Member

    no, I'm saying that the trophys are around 15 - 20+ y/o depending which waters they are in :roll_eyes:
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  19. Johnny B

    Johnny B New Member

    thanks for the replies...I always thought these cats were alot older than me but I was wrong...maybe...thanks for all the good info!:big_smile: